10-5 What Happened This Week

Hey guys,

Another week has flown by and I’d like to take the time to talk about everything that’s happened.

Last week ended on a sour note with a bad day of depression but thankfully to friends and family to help pull me out of it.

I created and shared four videos

  1. How Well Do I Know the Sims 2
  2. Ranking Pleasantview Playables from Best to Worst
  3. How to Free the Burglar In The Sims 2
  4. How to Remove Backgrounds on Photos with the Sims 2

I added 117 Mods to the list and more are coming, my goal is to get to 500 Mods and I really feel as if that is still only scratching the surface of the available mods listed out there.

My Twitter account was flagged by a really immature person as spam and got temporarily on 10-3 but that is also the day I reached 250 subscribers on YouTube!!! (Thank you!)

Screenshot (207)

I’d love to get to 300 Subscriber’s by the end of October if possible so if you enjoy my content please consider subscribing! Twitter did issue me a personal apology for the mistake of my account being falsely flagged and although I do plan on keeping my old account, I am going to keep my new account sarahsmiles321 as my current account. My old Twitter account fatfunnylife is linked in many of the cards on my YouTube channel so if people are interested I left a pinned comment for them to be redirected to my current account.

I also got my stats report from YouTube on how well I did for September yesterday. In terms of channels larger than mine, they aren’t the best results but they are mine and I am very proud of them. I work very hard everyday to get here and this email makes me want to work even harder for this month.


Other news on this blog I made a Tutorial page, listing all the current tutorials I have for the Sims 2. More are coming next week like, changing age clothing categories for Young Adults to Elders. I also added the Harris family to the New Arlestown Bio pages.

I plan on a little later today creating a Goals page for this blog and updating the “Upload Schedule” page because I really don’t have an upload schedule and won’t have much planned except for two things. I have two interviews with Sims creators coming up. One with my friend Kyle on October 19th (we’ll be recording, the actual video will be a couple days later) and my friend PixelWitch on YouTube (her’s will be released on November 2nd or 3rd)

I am trying to think of if anything else happened this week but I can’t. I enjoy writing these posts because if I don’t remind myself how much can happen in a week, it feels like I’m hardly making any progress at all. But when I step back and remove myself from the picture it shows me more happened than I can see. Like most people, I am my own worst critic and think I am capable of much more and never think I’m achieving my potential when in reality it’s okay to pat yourself on the back and say, hey you did good honey. It’s the biggest reason why I want to create an overall goals page instead of posting about daily goals. That way if I can’t get it all done in one day (like my brain likes to bully myself that it can) I don’t feel like shit about myself at the end of that day.

Next week I would like to post at least one Vlog. It’s been over a month since my last one and the topic I want to talk about is very personal and hits really close to home. It’s a topic I think will do some good for me to address and get off my chest. I’ve been hesitant because I’m not sure how well it will be received or how much of myself I want to put myself out in the world for people to know but I think starting an open dialogue could potentially help others who’ve been in similar situations.

Other than that I have at least 3 other Sim videos I’d like to put out next week.

  1. A compilation of funny things I never knew you could do in the Sims 2
  2. A SimPE Tutorial on how to let Elders wear Young Adult Clothes and Young Adults wear elder clothes (and reasons why you’d want to do that)
  3. How I keep the Sims 2 Fun, Fresh and Interesting

I also plan on adding more bio’s to New Arletown, I’d like to add The Retirement Home and Mia Delaria so stay tuned for those!

Anyway, I hope you had a great week, consider following this blog for updates and I’ll see you around 🙂


Sarah Smiles

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