End of the Month Update

Hey guys,

I can’t believe another month has just flown by and tomorrow will already be December! Ahh its’ too much to think about. November was a very slow month in terms of video uploading progress. I needed a lot of time to breathe but I didn’t want to completely take a break so I have done a lot of behind the scenes work instead of on camera. Even the behind the scenes stuff is minimal to an extent.

I spent the first week of November very active. I made 5 videos from

My favorite was the University Mod review and it was my intention to follow up with at least two other videos 1.) How to Install a Custom University in Your Regular Hood and 2.) How to Use Custom Majors. I still plan on making those videos but honestly I had just kept putting so much pressure on myself to create video after video that I dropped the ball. No one was putting this pressure on me but me. I wanted to make high quality content and one of my biggest insecurities is that I’m not a good film maker and how I don’t speak very well publicly nor I did I want to put sub quality content out when it has the possibility of reaching hundreds of people. (I’m not delusional it would reach thousands) One of my biggest fears is making mistakes and I feel like I always mistakes. That being said making the mistakes doesn’t bother me it is apart of life and a learning process to grow. Nor does making mistakes publicly bother me either. What bothered me was putting out content that was intended to instruct someone who was relying on material to teach them something that wasn’t 100% accurate. I know that when I try to learn something one of my biggest pet peeves is that the instructor doesn’t thoroughly check before putting out the information for us to learn and that really worried me. It worried me even though I have friends who will always be 100% honest with me and help me be a better person. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for them in my life but even with those people, I was just not feeling good enough.

So because of that I took a GIANT step back from creating content on YouTube. I did hit 300 Subscribers on November 8th and while that made me so happy it also gave me a little bit of anxiety of trying to start to climb the next mountain, to start the next goal. I did end up with a wicked flu that also slowed down my progress.

The following week I recorded the footage of my interview with Lien that should be out sometime in December, I’m not sure when but we talked for THREE wonderful hours. She is such a joy to talk to and we could have talked for another three hours probably despite the language barrier between us. I will be working on editing that footage this week so I can give an update on that relatively soon.

During the week of the 11th through the 18th I did reach 1,500 mods in the mod database! As of today I am just shy under 2,000 and I might go ahead today and add the 67 mods needed to get to 2,000. There will be another post if that happens. I also I updated my Instagram on November 5th and as of today reached my 50 Followers milestone! My next one is 75 followers and of course then 100.

I also created a  The Sims 2 Custom Content Discord which is still heavily new and in construction but it is welcome for all Simmers who are looking for specific custom content or to share their favorite links. I get so tired of cluttering my bookmarks with CC links I never go visit and spending hours looking for specific CC when I can create hundreds of categories at the tips of my fingers. That’s what this place is.

The rest of the month I’ve been spending a great deal of time renovating New Arlestown. I want when Season 2 eventually does get released (saying that as Season 1 isn’t even officially done airing lol) the first reaction I want to be from people is.. wow!!! I am spending so much time on every little detail I can think of. For example, I spent six hours yesterday to find a handful of clothing outfits for ONE character! But in the end it was worth it. I am posting a lot of updates about the town and story in my Instagram link above which of course I heavily encourage you to follow. A friend mentioned that the story was a little too hard for her to follow, too many characters, which is why I thought maybe breaking down the characters one by one to follow in an Instagram story would be easier for people and it looks like people are really enjoying them so far. The photos are heavily inspired by my friend Rachel who makes poseboxes and also creates really beautiful modeling photography. So far I almost have done the whole Trajique household family except for two people, Sophie and Aasim.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last thing that has happened this month was I released my interview with PixelWitch on YouTube which you can watch here.

An interview with

I did wrap up the month with getting some inspiration for another New Arlestown video which you can watch here called Puppy Love. It’s with the Orphanage household and Lydia the social worker has her hands full trying to juggle 7 kids and then even more unexpected surprises show up!

And that is it in a nutshell what happened this month! 🙂 I have a lot coming up for December and I can’t wait to share it with you. Until next time,


Sarah Smiles

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