12-9 Update

Hey it’s been a little over a week since my last week but I thought I’d come check in and say again what happened this first week of the month.

YouTube Videos Last Week:

I’ve mostly been focusing on making my machinima which will be aired on the 18th of December but you can watch a short little trailer I made here. I’m definitely not what you call a great film maker but it’s been fun.

I’ve been posting new episodes of New Arlestown and going to film share 3 episodes a week until Season 1 is over. I’m also going to be filling out more town bio’s and start episode recaps. I’m also going to be taking down my Pleasantview series/stuff on here and my YouTube channel for the moment till I can recreate it better.

I also reached 10 followers on this blog so thank you so very much for that and I’m  almost at 100 Followers on Instagram, woohoo~! 🙂 Those are two great little milestones to reach and I’m very grateful for all those are interested in staying in touch.

This week I will get to 2,000 mods and possibly a little more. I am going to spend some more time on this website this week. I’ll be organizing the mod categories up a bit, posting new bio’s for New Arlestown, episode recaps and some general rearranging. So please stay tuned for all the updates on this site. I am thinking of making daily updates as they happen like what mods I’m adding, what’s being moved around, etc.

Anyway, that’s all I have to today, thank you so much for reading!

Until next time,

Sarah Smiles

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