12-10 Update

So yesterday I thought about making daily updates to the blog to let you guys know what is going on. There might be a few times where I don’t post daily and I don’t have an exact time when I’ll have a post scheduled but I think posting as often as I can could be useful/helpful.

The first thing I’ve done since yesterday’s entry has been to create several new character bio pages for New Arlestown. I 100% completed the Allen household bio’s and am in the process of working on the Orphanage bio’s. The Orphanage only has three more profiles to be written. Susan’s is a work in progress, I’m still looking for ideas and inspiration for her.

The Allen’s

The Orphanage

I also took down all of my Pleasantview videos on YouTube, episode updates and bio’s here on the site. I will eventually remake the series to something I’m really proud of. The story lines I’ve already developed will mostly stay the same with a few tweaks here and there but that is a long way off.

I uploaded my Upload Schedule for when and what kinds of videos will be out this month. New Arlestown will be up three times a week this week and twice a week for the next couple of weeks. Next week on the 18th will be a Machinama video instead of a New Arlestown episode and obviously on the 25th there will be no videos at all to respect the holiday season.

I also organized a couple of sections on my mod index. The Family Mod section now has two new pages, adoption mods and a children/teens page. Before these sections were just on the family page itself but they felt like they should have their own section.The Family Mods page now only include: Family Interactions, Family Tree & Portraits, Marriage and Other for a total of 9 mods.

Food Mods, Gardening and Pet mods also got a makeover. Food mods page now has the categories of Buffet Mods, Leftovers, and Regular Food Mods. But you can find these categories separate pages under the food mod listing.

I took the gardening mod page away and instead converted it into three pages that include:

And last but not least the Pet Mods got a makeover but no individual pages made. I organized them into subcategories like Adoption & Selling Pets, Aging Mods, Aspiration and Wants, Bad Behavior, Bathing & Hygiene Mods, and more.

I did start the Social Mods page but I haven’t completed it. That and relationship mods need a huge makeover renovation but I have started with the Negative Social Interaction Mods

Anyway, that is it! It feels like a lot more now that I’ve labeled everything out but it didn’t feel like a lot of work at the moment. If you like daily updates like these to know what’s going on let me know and I’ll keep doing it for awhile until I hear otherwise.


Sarah Smiles

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