5,000 Blog Hits!

Oh my~! I reached this milestone a couple weeks ago but I just want to say thank you so much for the views and interest in this blog. I know that 5,000 isn’t a lot in the grand scale of things but it is a lot to me as well as reaching 13 followers of this blog! Thank you so much for your interest!

I just finished Season 1 of New Arlestown on my channel and I’m so excited. I have a few other projects in the works of course (don’t I always). I’ll be starting the Asylum Challenge and will be recording my first few episodes today. I’ll probably only be posting a couple times a week and I’m going to go ahead and get everything loaded on the channel with preset times so there isn’t any guessing when you can expect the next episode. This will give me plenty of free time to do a bunch of other things like bring back Vlogs and more videos that are non-interactive of video games. I have one Vlog I’ll be filming today and then two others fun little side videos that I’ll figure out when I’d like to post them. One is me rating every song that is about my name Sarah. As you can probably tell, I’ve heard people reference my name to songs my entire life and I think that would be fun to share with you. I also used to write poetry. Some of it is decent but a lot of is really bad and I think it would be funny to read aloud some of my bad teenage poetry just for laughs. I don’t know how interested other people would be in seeing these types of videos but I think I’ll just make them and see how well they are received.

In the process of this I’ll be preparing two Valentines day related videos with the Sims. My first one will be explaining a detailed explanation of how Chemistry works thanks to the Sims Wiki page but also a lot to Cyjon too. I spent a couple days studying what they wrote and am really interested and I think other people would enjoy it too. (I could be wrong about this of course) And the second video will be a mod review of Romantic Standards by Simler90 on MTS, if it’s worth it to ACR and imo which is better. Romantic Standards is very detailed and tricky to learn so this is taking me some time.

I also want to update every episode of New Arlestown recaps and get all the personal bio’s done by the end of January. In between all of this time I’ll be trying to make renovations and updates to New Arlestown too. I will be posting those updates on my Simstagram, sarahsmiles.32. I’ve posted a few already but there will be definitely more.

Anyway guys as you can see I’ll be very busy. You can always come check out my Sims 2 Custom Content Discord which just reached 50 members a few days ago and share links. I’ll always be sharing links on there and adding more mods to this blog. I am almost done adding all of Simlogical’s mods and actually need to update the number of mods on this page because it’s getting closer to 2,200 instead of the 2,030 it says. (I usually just update the total count after I’ve finished adding mods form a particular site)

That’s all I have for you guys today. Thank you again so much for being here and helping me get freaking 5,000 blog hits! Here’s to 5,000 more!


Sarah Smiles

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