I’m back!

Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for not being here on my blog for the last couple of months. I’ve been super busy with so many other projects like, I had my first lot approved on MTS. The Trajique Memorial Park

Screenshot (761)

I spent a lot of January working on a new challenge series called the Asylum challenge but I decided to take a break uploading videos for a couple months, like probably till the end of March. I might come back earlier but I am taking it day by day. I did post my interview with Jonathan from The Ninth Wave as my last video.


I had a meme on my FB page go viral with over 10,000 hits. (that’s viral for me) It was a random funny meme that I had found funny and shared and I guess a lot of you loved it too.


But yeah, other than that I’ve mostly been working on sharing CC on my Sims 2 Custom Content Discord which you can join here if you are interested. discord.gg/sKk2Mrm It’s designed to have all Sims 2 CC organized so you can find what your looking for almost at the tip of your finger tips. It has over 225 members currently and I couldn’t be more stoked.


That is everything that’s been happening in January/first part of February. I’m going to be adding more mods to the mod list and finishing the Trajique bio’s. I also want to finish the recap episodes and I’ll talk about future plans I want to work on after I get those done! Until then stay tuned.


Sarah Smiles

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