The Homemaker legacy challenge: Setting up cas

Hey guys,

I know I’m never here and I never update this blog/website but I thought something to help encourage me to be active and do something with this is by replaying one of my favorite Sims 2 challenges: The Homemaker Challenge!

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Step One: Choose your City

This is definitely not one of those “popular” challenges, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else play it before. There’s only one obscure reference to the Sims 3 where someone converted it to that version but it technically started with the Sims 2. That being said, it’s probably my all time favorite challenge ever to play despite only ever getting to generation three. That’s usually because I insist on playing with every Sim born into the game and this challenge can easily grow to +100 Sims if not more if your not careful. This is also a great BACC type of challenge although not technically associated with it.

  • You can create a new city yourself or live in a playable hood. I recommend starting a new city yourself because again, your hood will get quite crowded. But that’s up to you.

I’ll be using the neighborhood Lucky River from MTS for my neighborhood. I really love how detailed and large the map is. I’ve already put in the defaults I want to use such as DramaLlamaDingDong’s Default Replacement for those curious.

Step Two: Make Your Sims

  • Create two Sims in CAS. One will be called the Homemaker and the other will be called the Breadwinner. Gender doesn’t matter, if you have mods for same sex pregnancies and want two women, two men or non binary Sims, that is aloud as long as all four children share DNA between the two parents. Adoption and alien abduction children do not count
  • You can chose any aspiration and personalities, absolutely no restrictions. For an easier time you can chose Fortune for your Breadwinner and Family for your Homemaker.
  • Obviously, don’t forget to set them as married in CAS but I digress.
  • You can also chose to play a University addition but that will be for another post.

I decided to stick with a more traditional value of a retro housewife and husband.

They are the City family New York & Victoria. Whenever I play this challenge, I always have fun naming the entire household after cities around the world. I do try to match how I feel a certain city most fits to the Sims 2 aspirations.

Step Three: Move In Your Sims

  • In an unmodded game, you most chose the smallest lot of 3×1. In a modded game you must use these downloads of a 1×1 lot. Yes… space is going to get very tight and you must raise 4 children in this house!
  • Because money is going to be very hard to achieve, you do not have to mod your finances if you don’t want. You can of course can add as many financial mods as you wish from bigger bills, beg for money, etc.
  • That being said, you cannot add any additional funds. What you have outside of what’s given to you is what you have! You can only subtract, not add.

Step Four: Make Some Babies!

  • After you’ve setup your house get to woohooing to make that first child!
Fellas… if a woman your dating ever looks like this before woohoo… run. Even though their married he still looks a little scared here.

More of the game play rules for this challenge will be setup in another post. Stay tuned!

Building Tips

  • Make the best use of space as you can. Things like Modular Stairs are highly encouraged to make use of extra space as you’ll most likely need to make a second or third floor.

My House

The outside is very lacking still but I only have $500 left at the moment and the house will become more decorated on the outside as well as the inside as we gain more household funds.

The downstairs is definitely more furnished than the upstairs

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