Extra Crispy: Chapter 4 of the Homemaker Challenge

We last left off to Victoria giving birth to twins which were named after the twin cities, St Paul and Minneapolis. New York left for work and he knew he had to work harder than ever since they didn’t even have money for a single crib. That meant over 8 hours of their children laying on the floor till more household funds could be brought in. Maybe that pushed New York to work harder than ever to get promoted as he is now a Bookie!


Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

It’s not nearly perfect but it is very much a good start. I do hope to get Victoria’s needs under control to be able to also help satisfy her wants. We couldn’t afford a baby toy but the babies now have a place to sleep.


Poor New York can barely keep himself standing he is so exhausted.


That being said, maybe it’s just me but I think New York is quite proud to have achieved what he did. True he does want to prove himself to his job and himself but also to his family.


The twins are keeping Victoria busy that’s for sure, she can barely get enough to eat and pee, sometimes a little rest. Her hygiene and fun have just gone out the window as a new mommy.


New York contemplating if after work he can afford to hire some help for Victoria so she can relax a bit, maybe take a bath.


But Victoria needing help as a housewife? She would find that incredibly insulting that she can’t do it all. Her goal is to prove that she can be the perfect housewife and mother. She was able to take care of some needs and clean even if she still is really stressed out and partly hungry.


Even as one need is being met (her hunger) she puts herself more and more on this pedestal. It’s not good enough that she learn about parenting. She also worries about what if there’s a fire, how should she react to keep her husband and children safe? She also worries about being so tense that what if she lost her temper on her children? She wants to know how to control her anger… and of course keep learning new skills especially cooking. Victoria puts all this idea of being perfect on herself.


Being friends with Goopy Gilscarboro sure has given us some legs up in the Criminal career, I’m sure of it. They are now best friends and he wants to become best friends forever. New York is now a Con Artist! The twins also age up into toddlers soon and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for it.


Abhijeet calls us quite frequently and called us tonight to congratulate us on our career advancement. He’s also soon to becoming our other best friend.


Damn dog….


I always forget how much faster they are able to skill in the Fall. I decided to have Victoria study Fire Safety first because of her low level in cooking skill. While New York studies to get a couple of mechanical skill points.


Maybe the stress of knowing how to correctly react in the case of emergency of a fire, Victoria a lot less stressed about the problems of life. She still does want to work on her cooking levels and become a better parent but she is momentarily appeased.


Which does mean a trip to the grocery store. We’ve officially run out of food and it’s time to restock.


This lot was downloaded from plasticbox on MTS. I do eventually have plans on either remodeling this grocery store or making my own but for the challenge, I was too impatient to create my own. I am tweaking the rules for this challenge as I go and one of those rules is that groceries may not be delivered unless absolutely dire.


And the upstairs. I do have plans on turning this neighborhood into a functional integrated hood with deep complex story lines that just so happened to originate from the original founding family: The City legacy.


The inspiration in that regards taken of course with British royalty being able to trace your heritage back to Richard the Third. In our case, the first born child of these two parents: Minneapolis.


Meadow Thayer seems really eager to join this family as she keeps trying to greet Victoria. Sorry hun but… not this generation. But I have plans for yet, yes… plans.


We forked over a good chunk of our money that we have left and only had bought a quarter of what our fridge can hold but there’s still more food to explore.


Victoria doesn’t normally approve of frozen meals but seeing as the twins are about to be toddlers, a good chunk of her energy will be tending to their needs and trying to raise them at the same time so… what’s done must be done.


Meadow Thayer still trying to get our attention. Maybe we if don’t look, she’ll go away lol.


We were short by  $17 on being able to stock up on any kind of juice or dairy so… it will be interesting to see what we can make do with the groceries we were able to afford.


I didn’t want to send Victoria home completely exhausted so she had her first ever espresso.


And just like that… I’ve created an addict.


Back home, Victoria tried to make dinner after putting the groceries away… except…


“Oh no, oh no no no no no no no!”


Well at least it didn’t catch on fire…


Burning food seems to quickly become a thing that happens a lot with Victoria and one of her greatest weaknesses to date. I wish she wasn’t so hard on herself.


“Dinner looks delicious dear,” New York says to the obviously charred burgers.


My favorite part of this, is this is the ONLY time New York flinched at Victoria’s cooking and that was when she left the room to go take care of the twins. He is such a supportive husband for only having 2 or 3 nice skill points… they must all go to his love of her.


And that’s it for this chapter! I do hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for Chapter 5 when the twins grow up into toddlers!


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