The Founders: Chapter One of The Homemaker

Hi everyone, welcome to Chapter 1 of my Homemaker Legacy Challenge~!

Here I’ll be documenting my experience with this challenge and giving myself a chance to practice story telling at the same time.

In this challenge, all of my Sims will be named after cities around the world. If you’re interested, feel free to list city names you’d like to see in the challenge and the aspiration from the Sims 2 you most feel represents.

The founders of this challenge are New York City as the Bread Winner and Victoria as the Homemaker.

Read More Under The Cut – Warning VERY PICTURE HEAVY

New York City:

  • Fortune Sim
  • Life Time Want is to become a Criminal Mastermind
  • Turn on’s are Makeup & Blondes
  • Turn off is Face Paint


We can see New York might have a little bit of trouble making friends as he’s not very nice but he is outgoing enough and active hopefully to overcome these obstacles.

Victoria City:

  • Family Sim
  • Life Time Want: Reach Golden Anniversary
  • Turn On’s are Brunettes and Hard Workers
  • Turn Off: Werewolves

Screenshot (3408)

Victoria is definitely designed with a more retro housewife theme in mind but with more influences from the late sixties to early seventies than nineteen fifties or prior.

I found it funny that once I finished building their house (view pictures on the bottom page here) The first thing Victoria herself wanted to do was get to baby making. She rolled wants to first kiss New York, then makeout, woohoo and even have a baby! Clearly she didn’t want to waste anytime expanding their family either.


Minor warning fellas: if a woman you’re dating looks at you like this at any time, she wants to have your baby 😂


Afterwards I had New York look for a job. His ltw wasn’t to be in the Criminal career at the time but he did roll wants to join either the law or the criminal career. Even though the law pays higher, criminal was the only job out of the two available that day. So I switched his LTW to become a criminal mastermind and voila! 009

Victoria made them some sandwiches and the two spoke over lunch about their new home and new life.010

In the middle of eating the townie Abhijeet Deppiesse was walking by our house and because New York will need friends to advance in his career and I have welcome wagon committees turned off, I had New York run out and greet him because.. get with the program mijas, no one is so rich as to throw away a friend.


They ended up hitting it off really fast between them after a few minutes of conversation. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that they share the same level of nice points. Abhijeet is way more playful while New York is almost as serious as a Sim can get so this could possibly get in the way but we’ll see. Victoria on the other hand sat in the background and ate the rest of New York’s sandwich.


Oh no Match Maker, we don’t need you around these parts… yet… or possibly ever. No, I will actually need her for a storyline in the second generation but it is a long time coming.

Abhijeet spent a lot of time on our computer so I had New York go off and finish eating, might as well since Abhijeet is too busy looking up about video games to interact with us. A rude thing to do at someone’s house you just met but… Sims. Victoria wanted to learn some specific skill points of cooking and cleaning so I had her focus on that since she’ll need them going down the line.


Victoria struggled to make the new recipe she learned that day for tonight’s dinner: spaghetti.


I’m not exactly sure why but I love this photo of New York standing behind his wife as she cooks but I do. I have the feeling he is a very supportive husband for such a traditionalist home that if his wife did want to get a job, he would support her. Unfortunately that is not apart of this challenge.


New York was finally able to become friends with Abhjieet once the food was ready.


Victoria on the other hand wasn’t feeling very well and decided to pamper herself with a bubble bath before bed.


New York and Abhijeet on the other hand were able to talk through the night and really increase their frienship score level.


And that was our first day and the end of part one~! Most future chapters will be more than just the first day but since everything was getting setup, I took a lot more pictures than usual.




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