Surprise!: Chapter 3 of The Homemaker Challenge

So from this point on, we’ll be experiencing a bit of a rapid time jump in sequences of events. Previously on chapters one and two the challenge focused on what happened in the first two days. Because a lot of what happens is just repetitive, I only really took photos of specific moments that moved the story along.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

In the previous episode, Victoria had rolled a couple of wants to buy new clothing. Even though finances are tight at the moment, I went ahead satisfied Victoria’s wish. It is a little more warmly dress as it is getting into late fall so maybe she was just chilly. Also Victoria has her first official baby bump even though it’s hard to see in this maternity friendly outfit.


Victoria’s fun was also quite low so she took some time to read the cuisine section of the paper while New York attempted I think was attempting to try and paint a portrait of his wife… his skills aren’t quite there yet buddy.


Nothing like getting our third trimester baby bump when we were in the middle of trying to sleep.


Goopy Gilscarboro calling us up to give us some more “tips” in the criminal career.


Back to painting, painting, painting as we still need more creative skill points.


Victoria was really excited that she learned through her now level 3 skill point in cooking that she could make grilled cheese. (And honestly a better angle of her third trimester belly)


Except… oh no Victoria decided to microwave grilled cheese instead of cooking it on the stove. It didn’t have great results. I guess she was in too much of a rush to put dinner on the table.


Victoria looks so disappointed in herself… maybe New York won’t notice.


I kind of feel like Victoria is having doubts about herself as a housewife, possibly looking for reassurance in New York that they made the right choice in getting married/if he loves her, etc.


To which I think New York is trying to put her doubts at ease that of course he’s glad they got married and that she’s a wonderful wife.


“I didn’t know how much of a beach ball I would bloom into while pregnant,” Victoria complained.


“Honey you’re beautiful,” New York kept trying to reassure her. “It’s natural and you’ve never been more beautiful.” That charmer New York…


I think something might be wrong with this sandwich, thought New York as Victoria went on to talk about baby toys. He didn’t want to upset her any further and said nothing about the burnt food.


“You know I’ve heard a little woohoo in the third trimester actually helps induce labor. Let’s take your mind off everything and relax a little bit.”
*author note: thanks ACR for that lol*


“Uh hun… wait a minute… I don’t feel too good.”


I think the baby is coming… NOW! Ooowwwwwee!!!


“Did you say something honey??” New York had wasted no time changing into his underwear at the mention of an afternoon delight.


From my, the author’s perspective lol


You’ve got to be kidding me…. TWINS?! NOoooooooooooooo!


I do like the fact that New York seemed to take priority of getting redressed before witnessing his wife giving birth. But I digress.


New York’s reaction does seem to have calmed down quite a bit.. from one extreme to the other.


Here is their baby, a son. Little do they know another one is on it’s way. They seem so happy as a trio.


You can tell how happy they are here and how nervous Victoria is to let go of her baby.


Um… New York… I think.. ow… there’s another one coming!


Yup… I think there was definitely another one in there and not just afterbirth!


They had a beautiful baby girl. Together they are Paul and Minneapolis after what is known in America as the Twin Cities.


I think that is a good spot to leave here for today, I really hope you enjoyed this chapter and stay tuned for more!


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