Unwell: Chapter 2 of The Homemaker Challenge

Thank you to everyone who read Chapter 1, it means a lot! I’m going to be continuing from there so if you are confused to what’s going on you might want to go back and check that out.

These posts are image heavy because I’m a photo taking nut so user beware

More Under The Cut

The next morning, there was a certain excitement in the air. New York was ready to start his first day of work and wanted to prove himself by getting promoted. Victoria on the other hand wanted to do a good solid cleaning throughout the entire house. She does have 8 points in neatness after all. She doesn’t just want it clean, she wants it Victoria clean.


Not wanting to reclean the toilet upstairs, Victoria raced down the steps the moment she felt her first bouts of pregnancy nausea.


Victoria was pretty quiet over their breakfast of toaster pastries.


New York though had heard throwing up even from the second floor and asked if she thought if it could be early signs of pregnancy. Victoria didn’t want to give him too much hope so she shrugged and said, “maybe.”


Once New York left for work, Victoria was barely able to keep down her breakfast.


Victoria wanted to learn some more about cooking and thought maybe reading could help distract her.


The reality of learning how to cook, that when you add this ingredient to that ingredient to make this surprised Victoria in many ways. So much so she learned gained a cooking skill point and how to prepare a new meal.


New York was successful yet again for two days in a row to reach another promotion. Victoria on the other hand could barely keep her eyes open. Her needs all around were failing rapidly, pregnancy was taking a lot harder toll than she ever imagined it would be.


New York was now a Bagman and while still very much a low level “foot solider” (by his works standards) New York was determined to climb the ranks, first by inviting his coworker Goopy Gilscarboro and befriending him.


New York was very interested to hear what Goopy had to say about money and what he’d need to do to advance to the next level: gain a creativity skill point. Because after all, when you’re trying to con someone out of their money, you need to be able to think on your feet, sometimes even outside the box and get very… creative.


New York was worried about Victoria but didn’t want to bother her so he pulled out last night’s plate of spaghetti leftovers to let her sleep.


After dinner, New York went to working on getting that creative skill point by painting.


End of Chapter 2. Thank you so much for reading to the end, I do hope you enjoy this series and part 3 will be coming soon!




  • Great chapter! I’m often surprised by how good this game looks over a decade later.

    Liked by 1 person

  • It’s so fun to read this, maybe i’ll try myself this challenge.I already can picture, i’m the kind of simmer who strives in drama so i think i would make my founding household as poor as possible to start with than making them climb together to achieve a level where their basic needs are throughly met, and then start making babies.


    • Your idea sounds like tons of fun! If you document it feel free to link back so I can check it out. And thank you for enjoying my series! I don’t know when it will be back but thank you for reading


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