Toddlers: Chapter 5 of the Homemaker Challenge

I feel like this moment has come too fast and not quickly enough, it’s time to age up the twins into toddlers! First up Minneapolis. Technically Paul was born first but Victoria automatically decided to age up Minneapolis first. That and the fact it fits with the story I want to write for next generation will make Minneapolis the Breadwinner for generation two.090

So yeah, if you happen to attempt this challenge and run into this same predicament, I don’t think it really matters who is the next Breadwinner, chose a sim out of the two who you consider “first born” and there you go, the next bread winner. Paul’s a little goofier looking so maybe that worked out for the best. I have to say I love his little ears.091

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

I want to change them out of what they age defaulted in but we literally have no money so that’s something that can wait for awhile. There are way more bigger things we need to save up for. Like a better bed for Victoria and New York, and a bathtub for the toddlers.092

Minneapolis is technically the nicer of the two and yet in the early days tended to bully her brother a lot. 093

Victoria was literally on her way back with a second bottle but Minneapolis was just too impatient to wait.094


By the time Minneapolis had stolen the bottle, there was literally only a couple drops left to drink. 096

For someone who was so upset and crying over his bottle stolen from him, Paul seemed to recover quickly, especially at the discovery he could put many other things in his mouth.097

New York was up early before anyone else and decided to help give Victoria a break by picking up the bottles.098

Victoria on the other hand, had spent all day cleaning and trying to stay on top of everything. It was a losing battle and she barely ever got any rest.099

New York knew Victoria would be upset if she found out he secretly did a few things around the house, like wash his own dish after raiding the leftovers and discarding old news papers that had been piling up. He was also very close to becoming BFF’s with Abhijeet and had plans to go out running later that night.100

Sometimes dads just want to help out too, even if it’s just to occasionally bring a bottle every now and then.101

While Victoria is happy to become best friends with her daughter… the excitement of potty training is unlike any other.102

Don’t jump up and down for joy now or anything.103

Mean while, New York was killing it at work. He got yet another promotion to Get Away Driver. Now the stakes were getting higher. He needed to make more connections and definitely work on his body and a couple other skill points too. He’s been dreaming of buying a car for awhile but… unfortunately his home is just too small.104

But before New York could go anywhere, he needed to help fix a very clogged toilet. It is job as the man of the house to fix things after all. 105

I don’t think New York has slept in over 24 hours. He had to go straight to work the same night he got promoted and work was definitely testing his ability to how much he wants to advance the ranks.106

One skill out of four officially complete! Only three more left to go on this toddler and another four on Paul!107

New York knows he doesn’t have much free time to spare but he does love and want to get to know his children.108

Okay New York.. maybe we should tone it down a notch, you’re scaring Paul.109

It’s finally time to work on trying to work on building our connections. I loved walking into this scene because it said so much. Unfortunately my game was having mod issues and kept turning the lot into a non playable lot so I only have two pictures from when I loaded the game but I wish I could have explored this scenario so much.110

This is probably my favorite scene that never got to be played through. New York knew Abhijeet and I was really excited for New York to meet Komei Tellerman and Benjamin Long. This whole scene here just feels so shady and sneaky to me.111

Victoria was able to finally learn more about parenting… after her babies grew up to toddlers but, that’s okay. We still need to have two more births so there’s time.112

I’m not exactly sure what made Victoria angry here, but became furious at Paul while teaching Minneapolis how to walk. She rerolled the want to learn anger management again so I locked that in. We also got a call from Benjamin saying we deserved a raise.113

So uh.. thanks for that Benjamin! We are now a Bank Robber.114

Paul was finally able to one up his sister and steal a bottle away from her and he looks so smug.115

And because of all the promotions, I was finally able to build and decorate a second full bathroom for the twins! Now no more stinky toddlers, yay! It doesn’t have a ton of detail decorations yet but neither does our cash flow. I also upgraded New York’s and Victoria’s bed.116

And that’s it for this chapter! I do hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for Chapter 6 where there will be a family portrait and toddler makeovers! Plus another baby perhaps?!


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