Growth: Chapter 6 of the Homemaker Challenge

The City household is finally making some way in the terms of finances thanks to New York’s tireless efforts of constant promotions. I realized his creativity level is high enough to start painting family portraits which I thought would be a very neat idea. First up is New York’s wife Victoria.


Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

I don’t know why but I really love how his portrait came out, he really captured her perfectly.


I’m not exactly sure where to put the portraits, but besides the stairs seems like a good spot so far.


Benjamin Long invited himself over and started hanging out with Minneapolis…. which just so happens to be the guy I want to be her future husband and stay at home dad. It’s only creepy to think about how Benjamin as an adult Sim has known Minneapolis since toddler hood if you think too hard about it.. so don’t do that. It’s the Sims and I like to plan out future spouses.200

The stakes to get promoted are getting higher and higher but New York is definitely up for the challenge. New York normally jumps rope out doors but it was raining.201

Only in the Sims 2: The secret hobby instructor comes over to inform New York that he’s been accepted onto their secret lot but looks like she belongs in the cuisine secret hobby lot. Okay then. 202

I finally had the funds to give both the toddlers a makeover out of the default clothing they aged up in. Also Minneapolis here also finished learning her final toddler skill of learning how to walk. She is just adorable, cute as a button.203

St Paul’s makeover. This photo reminds me of the IQ test given in the movie Idiocracy. Don’t worry Paul, you’ll get it.204

I don’t know if you remember in the Toddler episode where Paul had his bottle stolen and then after crying two seconds later started eating his hand… well.. that wasn’t the only object Paul likes to put in his mouth. I’m mildly worried for this kid’s future. Or maybe he just so happens to have the same hobby interest as his mother which is cuisine. He puts things in his mouth because he’s curious about how they will taste.205

Hard work pays off yet again as New York is now a Cat Burglar! He is officially now level 7 out of 10 in the Criminal Career. Way to go dude.206

Mean while it’s time for another trip to the grocery store. Nothing eventual happened but because we now have a few thousand dollars instead of a few hundred, Victoria can finally stock up on a full fridge.207

“Do you have to do that here New York?” New York discovered he can now practice Yoga but I think his athletic clothing (which I forgot to check when I created him) might be embarrassing Victoria.208

Victoria’s secret hobby instructor looks like he belongs to the secret fitness career. I think there was a mix up that nobody told them about which hobbies they were in charge to run.209

Thanks to ACR, it’s time for some baby making time for baby #3210

We’re almost to the top! Level 8 to Counterfeiter!211

I’m not sure if you are sick because your pregnant or if it’s because your stuck through the door. Either way that looks like it hurts.212

Baby pop time!213

New York needs to make two more connections before his next promotion as well as a bunch of skills but we are definitely going to get started on the friendship portion first. The fact that New York rushed out of his home in his PJ’s did make me chuckle, he was just that eager to get out of the house. Oh for those interested this is just a Maxis made lot.214

The first two Sims on the lot were thankfully Komei Tellerman and Kennedy Cox. They are both notoriously known for being serious Sims like New York is supposed to be and I could see him having like minded friends. New York is struggling with Komei though and their conversations weren’t going very well.215

And just when I was ready to give up and have New York move onto introducing himself to Kennedy, Komei reaches in for a firm handshake and…216

“Come join me,” he says to New York. “I could really use a man like you.” I can’t explain into words how funny it is to imagine Komei as a dancer but good on you dude. It’s made me appreciate and look at Komei in a whole new light.217

It’s hard to gauge Komei’s reaction for New York turning him down. Their relationship has improved but they definitely didn’t leave off as friends.218

Kenneth had already left the lot by this time so New York decided to get in sometime to shoot some hoops. His OTH does happen to be sports, he just never has time for it. Maybe he used to be an amateur basketball player as a teenager. His athletic wear has also been changed for those who noticed.219

Back home New York helps by giving the toddler’s a bath and puts them to bed while Victoria gets some much needed rest.220

Paul inching his way closer and closer to his dad to be apart of the family.221

Baby bump shot for third trimester.222

Welcome to the family little Dallas! She gave birth to a little boy. I did make sure to reroll the pacifier beforehand and yet they all seem to have Victoria’s eyes and New York’s hair so far.223

I have no idea where we are going to put the fourth baby when it’s eventually born but the third story so far is coming along. We have a good chunk of money at the moment but I’m saving it for a little bit to put in lots more details.224

And that’s it for this chapter everyone! Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for Chapter 7 where a bunch of birthday’s are going to happen plus so more.

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