High Stakes: Chapter 7 of the Homemaker Challenge

New chance card emerges and you could argue that the stakes for New York at this point in his criminal career have never been higher.


Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

Well that wasn’t stressful or anything. PHEW! Technically New York was not qualified for the promotion but when in the real world has a person’s qualifications entirely mattered when it comes to job promotion? All I’m saying is I’ve known too many incompetent managers in over their head positions. That being said, New York is now a Smuggler!


Our finances are pretty good at the moment but I am surprised New York doesn’t have bigger reactions to his promotions. Maybe he just feels more pressure to succeed especially since this means he is officially only ONE promotion away from reaching the top of the career!


Dallas aged up into a toddler and I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t Paul. I triple checked to make sure they weren’t clone babies and they aren’t, I just think the genetics of the parents DNA are just so close that for this generation all children are going to look very similar to one another or at the very least until they start aging into adults.


I do feel a little better after giving Dallas a makeover though. He has a slightly more sleepy eyed look than Paul.


New York needs a few new connections as well as several skill points before getting promoted but I’m taking priority of him making connections over skills first. And who would you know is right behind him as a possible friend? That’s right, good o’l Kennedy Cox! Excellent.


Nothing like cornering your potential new friend in an obsessive way by hounding him in the bathroom. Or are they secretly there to make a connection deal? Hmm… now I’m suspicious of you New York! He only looks so innocent and sweet.


Our second potential Sim as a friend, Joe Carr. Do you see a theme in the Sims New York has been meeting? Because I sure do! New York’s latest heist is sure big news around here.


No New York, no! Not Marissa! You hussy! Marissa shamelessly throws herself via ACR at New York and he is eating it all up. I knew it was a “mistake” for him to befriend a woman he has chemistry with.


Ooooh no it got worse! Quick let’s get the heck out of here before she turns you into worse of a home wrecker.


Good, lets distract you as far away from Marisa with a game of pool with Kennedy.


Back at home and a few days later, it was time to age up the twins. Here is Minneapolis after her makeover. Simply stunning and I’m so stoked she’s the founder of the next generation. Hopefully her genetics and Benjamin Long’s mix well.


St Paul’s turn. He’s aging better but those ears for some reason are a little goofy. It’s really cute but goofy.


Something good about having children is that you can now give them chores, like putting away left overs instead of them constantly going to waste because Minneapolis’s needs are so low to be too tired to clean up.


The third story makeover so far. All I can say is thank god for bunk beds. I honestly just didn’t have it in me to decorate their room further.


“Dad are you sure I have to be in this legacy? I’m not so sure I like the sound of all of this… can’t I just like, get on a plane and run away?” No Minneapolis, you can’t.


I wasn’t sure exactly how to give them some fun new toy items with our limited space but I thought maybe a nice little monkey bar in the backyard would be nice.


While both New York and Dallas took a nap (remember New York works from 2am to 8am) I decided to put in a park and take the twins out to have some fun and make some friends. Who do you know showed up but Benjamin Long, her future husband? They are slowly building up a friendship of 25/28.


Victoria meets Melissa Fancy as well, I thought it would be nice for her to potentially have a female friend since the only people Victoria actually knows are her children, husband and like one or two coworkers of New York. That’s simply not healthy. They got along really well even if they didn’t make it to friendship. Plus her connections to Melissa helps New York so it’s a win win situation.


Later that night, another chance card. The stakes have never been higher and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. What should New York do?!


Well that ended disastrously! We took a big risk and big chance and unfortunately this time it didn’t pay off. New York was FIRED!


It’s the wee hours of the morning. Even though they have a good nest egg to sit on for a little bit, how is he going to tell his wife he was fired. He’s taking it really hard.


A picture’s worth a thousand words… too scared to go in.


Mean while on the other hand Paul wants to play with his little brother Dallas except… he’s sort of terrifying the poor baby. Tone it down just a smidge there Paul. Also the placement of that Yoda doll’s head is poorly placed.


Paul doesn’t care, he loves his Yoda doll. You can find it and many more wonderful creations at my friend Jonathan’s website theninthwavesims.com.


Well lookie what New York rolled the next morning after being fired. Now that is what I called determination. Okay, it’s on! Let’s do this!! Clearly we’ll have to work our way back up from the bottom again.


That’s it for this chapter, I do hope you enjoyed it and more will be coming soon. I have more game play photos now to sort through and edit so the next few chapters should be fairly soon.

🎵 When I get to the bottom
I go back to the top of the hill

Where I stop and I turn and I give you a thrill
‘Til I get to the bottom and I see you again
Yeah, yeah🎵

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