Blog update

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share an update of some plans I have for my website/blog here.

1.) I’m super happy that people have been enjoying my Homemaker Challenge! I have more chapters coming on the way, like two or three so far depending on how after sorting out the photos go.

But I am also going to create character profiles on each Sim that comes into the challenge and how they develop as they age up. I’m doing this so you the audience can get to know and become more familiarized with the Sims themselves. I want you to see what I see behind the scenes as far as their interests and personalities. You’ll be able to find these in the Homemaker Challenge page and I will post an announcement here when they are completed.

2.) I want/need to update the Sims 2 Mods page. Not only is it so outdated from last year (I think, I don’t remember the last time I updated but I think it was November 2019) but so many new mods have been developed since my last update. A lot of links to mods have been removed. The entire site of Simbology has been taken down and while links on the website have been saved to SFS, the links need to be updated themselves.

3.) I don’t know when but I’d also like to continue and expand my Lets Play Recap episode series on other Simmers.

There is of course a lot of other areas on this site I need to redo like the CC area but those are my main 3 focus goals till the end of the year. I love and appreciate anyone who subscribes to this blog or just checks it out period. Also thank you so much for all the recent comments, it makes my day to interact with you. That’s all that I have for now, just a quick update. Love until later,


Sarah Smiles

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