The last firsts: Chapter 8 of the Homemaker Challenge

It’s another morning and more skill training for our toddlers. It gets very repetitive and the only good thing about this is that we’re now three-fourths the way done of skill toddler skill training. It definitely helps that Victoria is no longer pregnant and the twins Paul & Minneapolis have aged up into children.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

Working your way back up top after being fired can be so embarrassing. Except to New York, he doesn’t care how tired he is, he is determined to climb his way tooth and nail. One interesting note is that he rolled the want to own a robot crafting station which all I have to say is.. muwhahaha yes! That totally fits in for a story line I want to peruse later down the line so that is totally happening. If you are wonding about the aging, I’m experimenting with aging mods to figure out the “perfect” fit for my playing style. I was originally using the Adult 200 Days by my friend Lien which you can find listed among other aging mods on my blog here but.. I’m not entirely sure this aging mod is a good idea for this challenge. I’m playing with aging mods also to figure out what sort of rules are and aren’t aloud in this challenge.

What a pigsty these messy children are!

New York doesn’t have any time to spend with his family, but he is taking the time to tuck in his son to bed.

In the last episode Paul took some time to spend with Dallas and now so is Minneapolis. She is attempting to teach him a nursery rhyme. I do want to try and have all the siblings to have relatively good relationships with one another.

It’s the wee hours of Monday morning and I realized, New York has the entire day off and plenty of funds for him to work on nothing but his robotics talent badge. I am keeping the want to reach the top of the criminal career locked in for now.

Minneapolis making her bed the first day of school and that makes me wonder… could Minneapolis possibly be more like her mother in more than just her looks? They do say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Hmm, I wonder what kind of Sim she is going to grow up into. Will she be more like her mother or her father? Or a combo of both of them?

Victoria might be asking what to server for dinner but she could also be comparing their love making to the bedroom: simply on fire.

Whatever does it to put the two of you in the mood. Here comes baby #4 and our official last child of this generation.

Speaking of which…. there’s a lot to unpack in this photo and not just the irony of more burnt food.

1.) Minneapolis won $250 of her own personal money, I’m going to make note of that for the story purposes. In my game, but not the challenge rules itself, Sims must pay everything themselves. Otherwise for me, earning money just gets too easy. So anything Minneapolis wants other than basic necessities such as food and clothing, Minneapolis has to earn herself. They will be given an allowance once they turn into teenagers and only if they don’t have a job.
2.) Victoria also rolled the want to get a robotics badge but that isn’t going to happen. She simply doesn’t have enough interest in sci-fi and has way too many responsibilities as the homemaker to add it into her schedule
3.) Victoria has also rolled the want to become friends with Melissa Fancy a few times, it’s hard but I am trying for her to have time to have a girls brunch and come over even while the kids are at school.
4.) Victoria is about to die of hunger if we can’t get her better at cooking

I tried to remember to catch the twins getting on the bus on their first day of school but… I forgot. But Minneapolis already seems over it after coming home. Can’t say I blame her.

It’s so creepy how Minneapolis just knows her mother is pregnant again. Or maybe she’s just asking where babies come from. I didn’t get a reaction to see what Victoria thought. She was going for a second plate of burnt chili.

It’s getting late but I was able to manage New York to teach Minneapolis how to study.

Paul on the other hand really wanted to build a snowman.

New York you are a super dad and I’m proud of you for making time for your children even when your own needs are suffering.

Alright, time to study now after father and son had their fun.

Victoria unlocked the pork chop recipe and I’m not going to lie, I’m more than a little bit nervous. Come on Victoria you’ve got this!

Phew! Perfecto! I am awed and really proud of her. They look delicious.

Yup, we’ve definitely been down this road twice before. It is exactly what you suspect Victoria. You’d think you’d be very familiar with it by now.

The first last baby bump of this generation! It feels so exciting and sad at the same time. Its going to be along while till there’s another baby born. But at the same time, I’m also kind of over it.

Oooooh no you don’t Marisa, keep moving along there.

Like I get why Victoria or even us the audience would be upset over a sight like this but… um… Dagmar the mail carrier? Why that stank face? Maybe she reads blog and doesn’t like Marisa either in this legacy.

Paul’s the first one off the bus and he has the same stoic face as his father when receiving positive news.

Oh, Paul’s brought home a friend with him, little Marsha Bruenig! He rolled a want to be friends with her. A side note I will be aging up townie children that become friends with the Sims in my game. However only potential spouses will continue onto University so at best for the moment all Marsha can be is a teenager.

“Uh, could like somebody else move over so I can celebrate my own +A too?!” Minneapolis also brought home with her the townie Orlando Bertino and rolled a want to be friends with him.

Minneapolis, you know rolling the want to know about relationship counseling as a child is weird right? Hm… she technically didn’t see anything from her father. Or maybe she just has more questions about where babies come from. However, Orlando in the background is like, “what?!”

Upstairs in the hallway, Paul and Marsha play cops and robbers. There’s not exactly a lot of room but hey, their happy.

“Bam! Gotchya!”

“That’s what you think buddy!” I like this girl already.

Ooh yeah baby! New York knows he is killing it and it’s only a matter of time till he is back on top.

The last of the baby bumps this generation!

Today was a snow day except Minneapolis didn’t have any wants to play in the snow, so she studied relationship counsiling and now wants to be friends and play with Orlando. Well alright.

Paul did want to play in the snow and after he built his snowman, rerolled the want to be friends with Marsha, so I’m inviting both the children over.

New York qualified for not one but TWO new liftime aspiration benefits. The first one we are taking is Friends in High Places. Although I might still have New York befriend a few other Sims even though his job doesn’t require it.

The last of the work tree is plead for job which should go without saying why he would want this perk so much. But what about his secondary aspiration? What do you guys think it should be? I have some ideas up my sleeve but I’d really enjoy to hear what you think. Should he be a secondary romance Sim and chase after other Sims like Marisa Bendett? Personally, I have a hard time seeing that but I’m open to your guys suggestion. I am leaning towards a secondary Knowledge sim and have him become an evil criminal mad scientist. But once again, I’d like to hear from you guys.

That is it for this chapter, I do hope you enjoyed it. Trust me, so much more drama has happened and I’m working away at producing more chapters. I am also going to be making individual profiles on each of the story characters for you to get to know these Sims on a deeper level so please stay tuned to those. They will be under the Homemaker Page when complete. Until next time!

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