Is That My Child?: Chapter 9 of the Homemaker Challenge

Minneapolis just finished inviting over child townie Orlando Bertino over to her house when a strange man in very strange garb lets himself into the home.
“Minnie,” New York asks, “Do you know this man?”
“No dad,” Minneapolis replies.
Minneapolis has a very high interest in sci-fi and spends a lot of time out doors star gazing or staring at the plants. At least he looks the part of his hobby instead of when the fitness hobby instructor greeted New York dressed as the cooking hobby instructor and when the cooking hobby instructor showed up dressed as fitness hobby instructor.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

New York doing a double take trying to remember if that’s his son Paul or who that child is. Orlando’s appearance is an uncanny resemblance to Paul with only a few minor details. I can understand why New York is confused. Don’t worry, New York doesn’t over think it.

“Oh that’s just my dad,” Minneapolis says nonchalantly. I wouldn’t be too sure of that Minnie… he is in the Criminal career after all. I’m not saying New York is sexist or a stereotypical over protective father but… you are still currently his only daughter and New York is not very nice. Also how cute they are almost wearing matching outerwear coats!

Victoria isn’t too happy about how her week has gone so far. There still has been absolutely no time to let her make friends with Melissa but maybe after the last baby is born. She really deserves a girl friend or a friend who isn’t related to the family.

Minneapolis opening up to Paul how she is enjoying school more. Neither of them quite got to friendship with Marsha or Orlando but that’s okay. I think because they are twins and so close they are going to have a harder time opening up to others. Random note, Paul really loves toaster pastries and eats them every morning. Minnie usually joins him not because it makes Paul happy but because she has no interest in any particular food she eats.

It’s a classic Sims 2 giving birth in the bathroom baby time!

On a side note, this is Victoria’s first time giving birth in the bathroom. The last two times she gave birth in the hallway.

The last baby born is a single baby girl! I decided to name her Paris. Just like all her other siblings she has her father’s brown hair and mother’s blue eyes.

Minnie rolled a chance card for her science hobby and I could not for the life of me remember what her personality or her interests were enough to make an informed decision so I literally just picked eenie meanie miney moe and ended up choosing Buddy over Smarts.

Turned out to be a good choice to make. Also, here is a picture of where I put the final crib for those interested where Paris went.

My third attempt for Paul attempting to befriend Marsha.

I love this interaction so much that children do. I love how they run to their parent the moment they come home from work wither it be via carpool or their own vehicle. Paul had been playing tag with Marsha and just dropped what he was doing to greet him. Also, oh no Paul has the flu! I’m sort of happy that children can’t catch the flu… I think? Either way there was no notification about Paul getting sick.

Dang it! So close. Paul only needed 16 points to become friends with Marsha. Like I said last chapter, I think the twins have a really hard time opening up to people outside their family. It’ll be interesting to note if this happens with Dallas and Paris as they age up too or if this is strictly a twin thing.

The children might not have caught the flu but Victoria certainly has from New York! Oh wow this is going to make her life so much harder.

He must not have had the flu that badly as he was able to recover in under 2 days. Victoria on the other hand…

It’s a good thing she’s so familiar with one of her grandmother’s famous comfort soup… well not really, but we’ll say it is.

Mental note that Paul has earned $225.

Okay we were finally able to become friends with Marsha! Now it’s time to enjoy being a kid playing outside. Paul really loves being outside.

Alright, that same evening New York is promoted yet again to a Con Artist. Also it’s Friday and the twins will be aging up into teenagers soon. That means it’s time to spend some one on one time with them over the weekend and we’ll be seeing them as teenagers in Chapter 10.

If I remember correctly, this means Victoria is now at cooking level 6. It seems so slow for everything that has happened up to this time. Studying skills as a homemaker just hasn’t been a priority.

On Friday night both Minnie and Paul rolled wants to go fishing. I told myself if they both kept those wants, New York would take them the next morning as he has the weekend off. To my surprise both of them kept the want to go fishing so here we are! Planetary Pet Parks was the only community lot with a fishing lot I could put in at a moments notice without having to build a park or completely exit and reenter the game. And I was way too lazy to do either.

New York showing Minnie how to set up her rod.

Paul a little slower, but he does get there and joins them although he doesn’t stand as close for some reason.

“Careful dad, it’s slippery,” Minneapolis tries to warn him. No kidding you say.

Or maybe she was just trying to warn him that her line felt super heavy like.. the boot she just caught. New York does fall down a LOT though while fishing with them. It was quite comical to watch.

The twins fun bar was actually quite low and they weren’t gaining any fun while fishing so I took them to the park afterwards. I’m not sure if New York is checking out Meadow’s rear or if he’s trying to make sure how many children he came with. I’m going to leave the viewer with their own interpretation on this as I still haven’t picked a secondary aspiration for him and a secondary romance sim for New York has not been entirely ruled out of possibility.

While the children play, it is a good opportunity for New York to reconnect and make sure to work on his social skills, make sure he hasn’t fallen out of favor completely. He’s been too busy to keep in touch with his friends and their relationships have taken a mild hit, some more than others.

Wouldn’t you know it who showed up to the park?! Little Marsha! I had them talk and interact until they were as close to 100 as possible since he now wants to be best friends with her.

I’m not entirely sure when or why this memory happened and I didn’t know this was a possible thing to happen for children. What lifetime aspiration did you exactly reach there Paul?

Paul really wanted to beat Marsha at a game and the only game on this lot does happen to be chess so, they spent some time although it never did get fulfilled.

It decided to rain just as Benjamin was serving up some delicious looking hot dogs but everyone decided to sit out out for some reason. Must be one of those warm sunny rains that you can sometimes feel in warmer areas like southern California. Also, Orlando came to the lot and they spent some time becoming friends, plus Minnie wants to gain the bronze fishing talent badge. We’ll probably go back to the park tomorrow for more fishing then now that I see she has an interest for it.

Just a really sweet loading screen of this family that I wanted to share with everyone.

And that’s it for this chapter everyone! I do hope you enjoyed it and are enjoying the story progression that’s been happening with the characters. There’s one more chapter to be written and then some personality bio’s should be written to catch everyone up how all the Sim’s characters are developing behind the scenes.

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