Private School Application Round 1: Chapter 10 of the Homemaker Challenge

Victoria’s body has been understandably been thicker as each child is born, so while New York and the twins at the park and Dallas taking a nap in his crib, Victoria rolled a want to gain a body skill point which I let her do via jumping work.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

What an awkward moment for the headmaster to be invited to come over as this is going on in the background. But yes! We do want him to come over. All four children must be accepted into private school via the challenge rules.

Paul I’m not entirely sure how you are gaining fame but.. sure, this plays in excellently for the story development I want to go.

Alright, dinner is on it’s way, baby is being fed and the headmaster is here… wait.. tonight?! AHhhh noo I thought this would be fore tomorrow! It’s a good thing Victoria is cooking pork chops.

B.J. (inappropriate chuckle… B.. J..) does not seem happy to be waiting. Quick, New York it’s your job to get out there and greet him! Hurry!

Good, we made it in time. That looks like a mighty nice and firm handshake there New York, he’s sure to love it and you guys.

Except, I dunno.. maybe he doesn’t like us so much. I’m glad New York couldn’t see. The headmaster must be thinking, “This place wants to try and get into my establishment? You must be joking! Well alright, I’ll entertain them, at least I get a free meal out of it.”

Are You serious?! NO! OMG Victoria what are you doing just standing there?! Why are you smiling?! Your house is literally burning to the ground and you have training in fire safety, this is what you are trained for! Why oh why did you decide to put pork chops into the microwave?! This is not the time to be experimenting!

Thank goodness for my foresight into installing not only a fire alarm but a sprinkler system. Thank god the fireman showed up so quickly. You have no idea how lucky you are or realize how badly this could have gotten. Let’s see what we can salvage out of this.

I am so disappointed in you Victoria for trying to cook pork chops in the microwave. You have a high enough cooking level skill to know better.

I tried to hurry and clean up this disaster as quickly as possible. New York kept the head master outside, he thought our lawn was good enough to give us 6 points. Now just to clean up that burnt pork chop and hurry Victoria, hurry! This is no time to lose. I also sent Minnie upstairs to bathe.

“Magnifico! Wonderful! Splendid! And here I thought this was going to be a very dull evening. What a show you’ve put on New York! I approve.” Uhh.. okay there headmaster. Yes, it was all directly planned… don’t let him think otherwise.

I am so watching you like a hawk there Victoria. Don’t you dare put those pork chops back into the microwave and reburn down the house! Don’t you dare!

If I stand perfectly still and don’t turn around, I can’t tell if he hates it. Don’t worry New York, for some reason he absolutely loves your barren walled bedroom. Just go with it. That fire really put the headmaster in a good mood.

The tour ended on a really good note with a whopping 46 points! And New York is thinking, maybe if I offer him a wad of cash, he’ll let us in.

Victoria no! What are you doing?! Not again! Ugggghhhhhh!

Turn your behind around and watch those like a hawk. I swear to god… I will not boolprop you but I will think about boolproping you if you mess this up!

Ok Victoria, sit there and talk to him while you eat. Try to do something because the headmaster really doesn’t seem to like New York as a person. He might find him entertaining but he doesn’t like it when we talk to him.

I mean, if it gets you into the school, go for it ACR.

The amount of heart farting Victoria is having is so confusing.

“Ok I really need to offer this guy some money or something.” New York keeps failing just trying to chat with this guy, let alone trying to schmooze. We are running out of time! I think it’s time to pull out the last tool in the bag of tricks I can think of.

That’s right, the espresso maker! Time to sell that old fuddy duddy microwave anyway and stop risking potentially more fires. We are only 6 points away from getting in and serving espresso will give us 10. Come on headmaster… fall for the bait.

Yes! Haha! Hook line and sinker! Like a moth to a flame, poor BJ just never had a chance. And I like how he’s thinking of New York. I picture he’s thinking of something like, “I really don’t like that guy but there’s something I can’t resist about this home.”

‘You realize you’ve totally bombed everything about this application process and yet… I can’t seem to say no,” the headmaster admitted over a late night espresso.

Although I’m not going to give you, New York, the satisfaction of knowing you’ve gotten in. I’m going to go upstairs and announce to your sleeping wife about it. LOL!

Even though Minneapolis was three flights of stairs up, she must have heard the news as she woke up wanting to do her brother’s homework. She must feel the pressure of going to a new school now and doesn’t feel confident enough that her brother Paul can handle the homework. Also, she wants to go fishing again.

That’s all for this chapter! Phew it was intense! I do hope you like it and the twins will be aging up into teenagers next episode! Wait till you see how they turn out, just wow!

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