Teenagers: Chapter 11 of the Homemaker Challenge

We last left off the Homemaker challenge with a very dramatic episode of the twins getting into private school. It’s late Friday night and Minneapolis had rolled the want to do her brother Paul’s homework. She has the want to go fishing but also to talk about her hobby enthusiasm. I like the idea of her mother hearing noises coming from downstairs and going to find Minneapolis ecstatically chatting her ear off about science. Perhaps she’s asking Victoria if she’s aloud to go star gazing or perhaps excited to join in on a science club at her new school. Either way it’s very late and if she has the same want in the morning to go fishing, New York is going to take her to go fishing again.

Little did I expect, Minneapolis kept her wants to go fishing! It’s also the twins birthday soon and they are both eager to enter the next stage of their life. I know I am!

New York looks over at his daughter, happy to see her enjoying herself so much.

New York does a little better with his fishing skill this time and I noticed Orlando Bertino there in the background for Minnie to become best friends with.

Oof! Minneapolis is sure on the other foot this time, after last time her dad kept falling over and over again.

Oh no! Thank goodness Minnie didn’t see what just happened between her father and Marisa! To be fair I don’t know if New York had much say about this, he does seem to be struggling against her.

Minnie’s definitely not having as good as a time as before. She’s not catching anything good and her needs are quickly falling from staying up all night. Maybe she realizes this hobby isn’t for her after all. They spent a few more hours here but with Minnie’s needs I wanted to take her home and rest before her birthday.

St Paul automatically aged up first. He seemed stoked to be checking out those biceps.

I decided to go with the Pleasure aspiration for Paul. I have to admit I don’t know anything about the city itself so I do apologize for those people from St Paul who don’t feel as if a Pleasure aspiration accurately depicts the city as an aspiration from the Sims. If you have a better fitting secondary aspiration, I would love to hear it in the comments.

Come on little Minnie, it’s your turn now.

Oh you rat camera! I had it all setup to age facing forward. It was just like she didn’t want us to see her face.

Alright, after some tricky camera angling, not too bad. I am definitely glad she is going to be our founder for the next generation. She looks gorgeous imo.

So I decided Minneapolis to become a Fortune Sim. I really liked the idea of playing up the idea that the twins are opposites. Minnie is hard working and driven while Paul is very relaxed and just likes to have fun. Minnie’s turn off of a Sim being unemployed is going to be very difficult once she realizes her chosen husband is not going to be allowed to work. Oops.

So all four children are born brunettes and I thought something that would be really fun is, making the twins Blonde. Just so they stand out. It’s when I did this, little did I realize just how much Minneapolis looks like her mother Victoria. Wow!

I think Paul looks very good as a blonde as well.

New York’s immediate reaction is wanting both of his children to start working hard and earn scholarships.

I used the money the twins had earned to buy them the typical things teenagers want as they aged up, cell phones, game devices and ear buds. Minnie called up Orlando Bertino, I was curious if they have any chemistry even though her husband has been predetermined. Nothing wrong with a little teenager love before your arranged marriage lol

I’m actually glad I changed Paul’s hair to blonde, telling Orlando and Paul apart would have been a nightmare.

I really love the way Minnie is looking at Orlando here… could there be? Let’s wait and see if ACR kicks in.

(waiting… waiting… waiting…)

Nope, they go and play a game of kick bag instead. Dang. It’s okay, they didn’t end up having any chemistry together anyway but when has that ever stopped ACR from making for some very interesting events.

The new logo when entering the City household

That’s it for today guys. I am sorry for the such short chapter, I just really wanted to get this one out. I’m so excited that the twins have aged up into teenagers. I’m really interested to see how they will develop as teenagers and when the rest of the family ages up. Stay tuned till next episode!

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