Private School Problems? Chapter 12 of the Homemaker Challenge

Ring ring.. ring ring… went Paul’s phone. Oh No, ET is that you calling?

Or… is that your phone or are the alien’s targeting your behind for some teenage alien abduction? Hmm..

I think my question scared him a bit… that reaction.

Oh okay, it’s just your phone after all… that’s very good. Except, whose calling you at this hour?

“Uh excuse me, do you know what time it is? I just got fussed at by the author of this story.” Wait… he broke the fourth wall.. that makes me uncomfortable now.

Just your lovely spam callers trying to sign up for more magazines. These guys really need to get a day job or something. In the US it’s legally not allowed to call after 7 pm, they must be from a different country. This is the City legacy after all, maybe that means the rules don’t apply to us.

I put in an orchid tree and some gardening plots for Victoria, she rolled for some. I don’t know how much gardening we’ll actually be able to get to but it’s a nice idea.

I changed up Minnie’s hair a bit since it was confusing me so much how much Minneapolis and Victoria looked alike now that Minnie’s blonde. I kind of like this better.

First day of school time! I think Minneapolis is going to be a great student and very popular at her new high school.

Getting onto the bus angle one

Getting onto the bus angle two

I kind of wish there was a way to fake other townie children sitting on the bus with her.

Head bloop through the ceiling LOL!

Paul’s turn to go to school.

Like father, like son! I love comparing the face DNA between them.

New York getting ready for another day after a pretty relaxing weekend. I really hope he gets a promotion. It hasn’t been easy for him or his pride to climb his way back to the top but he’s doing it for his wife and children. They are more important than his pride.

The driver honked his horn at the bus, “Come on move it already!” he yelled as New York tried to quickly fasten his seat belt.

“You got a problem with what I said there buddy?”

Nope. Just keep looking straight ahead there New York. Don’t make eye contact anymore.

Mean while back at the home, Victoria does her best to take care of the regular household chores and raising Dallas and Paris.

Except the Headmaster thinks it’s a good idea to call Victoria up personally on the phone to talk to her. He must have said something pretty lude or inappropriate in my opinion because of that reaction. Which must be difficult because her children barely got in and can’t afford to not have a private education.

She really does not look like she’s enjoying herself talking to the headmaster.

“Fish?! Fish!” she says. “You’re here to tell me about what Paul did what with a fish in school?!”

“I mean did anyone die from it? I mean it’s just a fish.”

“I’m glad you can see how out of proportion this has blown up into. Thank you headmaster. Yes, we’ll talk again soon. Goodbye.”

That’s it for today guys! I hope you are enjoying how the story is coming along. I am going to try and get more chapters out more quickly, especially this week. There’s a ton of story development that’s been happening and I want to get caught up. I also still need/want to write out everyone’s family bio’s pages so that’s coming up. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment on what you think and I’ll see you soon with the next chapter!!


Sarah Smiles

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