Going Steady: Chapter 13 of the Homemaker Challenge

Paul gain’s a creativity skill point although I’m not exactly sure when he started taking violin lessons. Must be something he’s only doing at school. But hey good for him. Also because of Minnie’s interest in fishing her interest in nature turned to gardening I guess kind of chance card. I will say, that is something I do prefer in the Sims 4 verses the Sims 2, Sims 4 does a much better job at neiching down specific skill sets and not lumping one interest into all areas. Gardening and fishing are not the same except in the Sims 2. But I mean, hey maybe this is something we can work with at a later date.

Oh no! Minnie loses some enthusiasm for nature… my guess would be because she has absolutely no skills in gardening is what made it go wrong. Just my guess though.

Back from another day at school. I like how they put their homework down here and stand back to back. There just isn’t any room in the home for them to have their own personal space for desks.

So Minnie really wants to get her first kiss and adopt a puppy. This might sound crazy of me but I’m kind of curious to add a pet to this family. Yeah I know. Like we have the room for one. But I want to do it anyway. Unfortunately we can’t adopt a puppy with the mods I have setup but lets see what happens.

I took Minnie out to a community lot, just to see whose around. There are a lot of the default townies and I can see Minnie having some adult friends, maybe even Brandi.

“Dude I am going to be so rich,” thought Minneapolis. Um.. sure. Not exactly but okay.

I was hoping while getting Minnie’s fun bar up, that she could chat with a couple townies like Marilyana Hamilton but there wasn’t much interactions plus her wants stayed the same.

Her wants didn’t change so I took Minneapolis out to a defaulted pet store. I am going to really customize this town eventually, I just want to slowly get around to it. I also just want to enjoy the game and by playing and not constantly thinking of what if this is there or that. Don’t over think it yet sometimes lol.

One of my favorite mods is the Community Time Lot mod that adjusts so Sims who go onto community lots don’t instantly return the moment they left. Also, Minneapolis got a cute little Beagle named Shelby and now she wants it to get a job in the acting field. This is a dog that will join her at University and her next home after she gets married.

Deja vu, New York is promoted again.

I think it’s sweet Paul can hear his little sister Paris crying from the next room and is helping his mom out by changing her diaper. He has like absolutely no relationship with her so it’s a good building block. In theory I’d like for everyone to get along and be a big giant happy family. We’ll see, for now.

I invited Marsha over since he wants to become BFF’s with her and go steady with someone. So why not kill two birds with one stone, see if they have any chemistry together.

I love how she default aged up into private school uniform. Looks like they are going to different schools.

I started off with a casual flirt, to see if she’d shoot him down. She seems to be interested.

“Paul!” Marsha giggled, trying to hide her face in her hands.

She’s not telling Paul no, but she isn’t saying yes. This is giving me bad juju vibes. Paul, your coming off a bit strong there buddy.

Whoa, that’s not normal. Run Paul run! She’s one of the lizard people!

This moment interrupted by tongue bloops.

“So uh, you… me… wanna go out and be my girlfriend some time?”

That’s going to be a hard no there Paul, I’m sorry dude. She didn’t have to be quite so rude but maybe it was the only way you’d see she wasn’t interested. She wasn’t exactly keen on your advances earlier.

Aw Paul, I’m so sorry! He’s so heartbroken about this. They don’t even have any chemistry together, maybe he just automatically assumed she would say yes because he’s apart of a legacy challenge.

That did seriously put a dip into his aspiration bar meter but don’t worry, Paul will be okay. He will bounce back from this!

In the mean time, I’m going ahead and getting and letting Minneapolis get Shelby a job. All the money Shelby makes will go towards Minneapolis’s education.

That being said, Paul is saying good night to Marsha, it’s time for Paul to spend the rest of the evening alone.

While Minneapolis tries to train Shelby how to speak for her next promotion. It’s getting quite late so we’ll see.

Paul is too upset by his rejection to even do the things he once used to love like stargazing. From someone who had their heart broken recently, I can relate.

Paul’s one true hobby is cooking, like his mother Victoria, so maybe I can distract him until he gets tired enough to earn a skill point at it.

I personally love it when my pets sleep on the bed with me but Victoria has like only 3 points of interest in animals so, I don’t know how she’ll react to waking up and seeing a dog on her bed. They technically haven’t met nor did Minneapolis get either of her parents approval before buying a dog.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s episode of the Homemaker Legacy. I do hope you are enjoying it and will see you guys soon with another blog post! Until next time


Sarah Smiles

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