Starting to Prep For University: Chapter 14 of the Homemaker Challenge:

I have to say that I’m shocked over Victoria’s reaction to there being a dog on her bed and actually wanting to praise Shelby. Victoria only has 3 points of interest in animals and she seems so nonchalant about it. But I mean okay, sure.
(I am experimenting with aging mods for those that noticed the Victoria becomes an elder in 32 days)

No promotion for New York tonight but we are definitely getting closer to finally reaching the top of the criminal career. I wonder if he will reach the top before aging into an elder Sim. I also am curious how this will effect the rest of the neighborhood with his criminal ways. Someone did comment that he seems so nice for a criminal and I have to say in actual reality that does seem a more practical way to reach the top of either the criminal or political career. The fact that New York has absolutely no skill points in charisma just tells me what a natural he is.

New York is just chipping away at that robotics badge. He hasn’t rolled any more wants to gain a higher skill badge in it, but it’s something I do want for him and there is an overall master plan/idea behind him getting a robotics talent badge.

The mysterious man who called us about a magazine subscription for a science hobby magazine pays us a visit. It feels very ominous. Paul on the other hand seems very relaxed and chill about this. He’s sort of used to being handed everything in life so to speak and while apart of him does work hard, it’s not like he has to try very hard at the same time to succeed.

Because of Minnie’s high interest in work, I decided to go ahead and get her a job. I’m choosing the Entertainment career because of her high interest in the Entertainment career even though her lifetime want is to just earn $100,000. Being a birthday party mascot also feels like a realistic job a teenager would get.

Paul wants to do a bunch of stuff related to summer. I’ve been thinking of toying with the idea of putting in a mod that lets Sim children and teenagers have a summer vacation, especially with extended ages but for the moment I took Paul to a community lot to try and meet some other teens and work on his random wants. The ice skating in summer is strange but okay.

Orlando Bertino was the first teenager on the lot and of course like in Sim fashion, we cornered him in the bathroom and shook his hand.

Together they went outside to play catch and build up their friendship & Paul’s fun bar/meter. After fulfilling the want to play catch, Paul wants to learn a new skill. I opened up his current skills and noticed we are only one skill point away from earning an athletic body scholarship from all the time on the jungle gym Paul’s played on as a kid.

But Orlando didn’t seem to want to stick around for very long it seems. We got some friendship with a 26 and Orlando does seem to be thinking of us as he leaves so…. that’s interesting. What to do now.

This photo is giving me flash backs to when New York played some hoops on the same lot a few chapters ago. I also really love how the neighborhood around them is developing from the local small grocery store to the park across the street.

Now that Paul has unlocked that skill point he now wants to stick around and see some fireflies. His needs are pretty good at the moment so I think we’ll see if anyone else comes to the community lot for him to meet and possibly become friends with.

The second Orlando showed up, his full name is Orlando Centowski. I do think it would be funny for Paul to only have two friends named Orlando. It would be very hard to ever mess up their names lol. Or just in general have some story with the two Orlandos. Nothing’s happening yet but I just think it would be interesting.

Games are something Paul really loves and as a Pleasure Sim can see himself spending a lot of time getting really good at and getting to know other Sims through this way. Right now we’re still getting to know Centowski. Random side note: Andrea talking about crime in the background. Is she talking about the mysterious New York? I like to think so and that his exploits have made him famous.

Back at home, Shelby has been promoted to Understudy which was something Minneapolis really wanted. I am going to use the $660 towards her college education.

Speaking of Minneapolis, she got a chance card for her science hobby enthusiasm as well. I thought about this for a moment that even though Minnie doesn’t have a lot of nice points, she is relatively outgoing that her interest in science might out weigh her dislike for her coworker so I chose for her to go stargazing. Plus she does have some enthusiasm for nature.

Which worked out in her favor!

Coming home from work and also the star gazing trip. That is quite the interesting first day of work don’t you think?

And good for Minneapolis reaching the top of the teen career, which funny enough is becoming a mime. That is a scholarship unlocked for her on top of the money she earned today at work and what Shelby brought in earlier for a total of $975. I am going to round up to $1,000 for University so far. (Not including the scholarship)

Speaking of University, lets call them and tally up how much Minneapolis is going to get so far for University! $1,700 so far! Very nice. I would like for Minnie to try for a couple more scholarships if possible. It would definitely make her time at University easier plus make her parents very happy.

Minnie’s social is a bit low and I think it would be a good idea for her to keep interacting with her future husband to be. He asks to bring over a friend? Hmm, that is strange. But sure. Why not.

“Oh!” she says taken aback. “You want to bring someone with you?”

Minneapolis smiled even though she knew Benjamin couldn’t see it, she hoped to have hidden her disappointment. “Of course you can bring someone with you.”

Outside Benjamin showed up with the NPC Nicole Thompson. I wonder how he knows her and why he chose to bring her of all Sims. Does he want her to meet some more people her own age? Is Benjamin trying to help Minneapolis relate to her other peers more? That is what I’m hoping for as Minnie doesn’t have any female friends other than her family.

For a second I thought Nicole was leaving. The lot is small and easy for Sim townies to do.

But no, Nicole is just pacing nervously from one end of the lot to the other. Maybe she is just as nervous as Minnie is about being randomly brought over to a strangers house. I know I would be.

“Would you just calm down and stop fidgeting!” Benjamin hissed.

Minnie came out to greet Benjamin and kind of ignored Nicole, talking to Benjamin about her excitement for the next chapter in her life, how hard she is working on gaining scholarships. Nicole awkwardly stands there and pets Shelby. Which to be honest, same Nicole, same.

“Luckily” Paul sensed another female present on the lot and quickly ran down to greet her. She could be a possible hoookup or girlfriend for him! Unfortunately there wasn’t any chemistry between them and Paul sent her on her way home. I think everyone was glad for that fact.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys today. I do hope you enjoyed this chapter. I am working on getting more out soon I promise! It’s been a busy week but I’m going to start working on writing the next chapter as soon as possible! Until next time


Sarah Smiles

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