Secondary Aspirations: Chapter 15 of the Homemaker Challenge

One of Minneapolis’s responsibilities is to make sure her dog is bathed. She doesn’t exactly enjoy doing it but the belly rubs afterwards does seem to make the job more worth while.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

So New York isn’t as high up into the Criminal career as I thought he was but we have officially reached over the half way point at level 6 Bank Robber. His biggest dream is to still reach the top of the Criminal Career but he never stops rolling the wants for his children to gain scholarships to University. He wants for the best for them and constantly thinks of their needs.

Speaking of scholarships, Minneapolis wants to gain access to the Bain-Gordon Communication Fellowship, which in other words to get 8 points in Charisma skill. In the last chapter, Minnie’s current total for University was $1,700. The Bain Gordon scholarship would add another $750 to that.

Victoria has enough points to chose a secondary life aspiration and I decided to go with Knowledge. I thought it over a bunch before choosing this and went over her personality pretty closing before settling on this. She doesn’t have enough interest in money in my opinion to after a secondary Fortune nor enough outgoing points to be a popularity. Sitting at home learning stuff, especially once her children have all grown up and are out of the house, might be the best thing she settles to do with her retirement. I’m hoping it’s something she and New York can do together.

Here is a detailed description of what that means for those who don’t play the Sims 2 very often or just skip over the context of what the benefits are when choosing secondary aspirations for your Sims.

New York really doesn’t need any new friends at this time but I still thought it was important that he try and use some of his social skills into building a bigger network of friends. While boasting about his latest crime escape, he got some amazing news from Sandy Bruty.

As a Pleasure Sim, Paul is always wanting to go out and get out of the house. He really wanted to go on a date so I had him call up our good o’l girl Marsha Bruenig. The last time Paul tried to ask her to be his girlfriend, things didn’t go so well. Maybe if he plays it cool.. er.. things might go better in his favor.

Except something must have glitched and Marsha never showed up. She’s really playing hard to get. That’s okay, we’ll just play some cards against Mrs. Crumplebottom.. Oh boy… watch yourself there Paul. She’s a shark.

“So uh… I didn’t want to come on as a date but I’ll still show up to the lot as a friend. Is that okay?” Crystal clear over here buddy.

Paul was getting pretty hungry so I took him to the family friendly 50’s Retro inspired diner downtown. I forget the name off the top of my head. But Sims 2 players, ya’ll know the one. I’m hoping for Paul to meet more teens, possibly teenage girls and see who he meets.

Something Paul also wanted to do was take some photos in the photobooth so I went ahead and satisfied that want. He’s playful so he took some goofy photos. Maybe he can give them as a gift to his mom who I think would love them.

Oh yes, Victoria will love seeing these

I love how pleased Paul looks with himself too after seeing the results

Pretty quickly after, Ivy Couper showed up so I had Paul race over and see if there was any chemistry between them.

There wasn’t. Paul that’s rude to so overtly say you think a woman is disgusting. “I’m not, I’m just trying to keep down my lunch from earlier.” Hmm..

Paul’s favorite meal is porkchops, something his mother made for the first time the headmaster came over. He’s been addicted ever since. “I wonder if the ones they have here are as good as my mom’s.” That’s sweet Paul.

With 9 points of interest in food, I can see Paul being such a foodie. The way he sips his water oh so precisely to cleanse his palate before diving into his plate.

“Not as good as mother makes but still enjoyable.” He has such a serious face for a plate of pork chops. He takes food very seriously.

Back at home, Minneapolis is off to her job as a Mime although she looks perfectly ready to go to the coffee shop.

So much for the grant for keeping her grades up! She’s earned $105 extra dollars from work but down $1,000 in grant money. Better get back to working on that homework Minine!

She doesn’t have too many piles of unfinished homework but how quickly it piles up.

Paul comes home exhausted and tries to rush over to the espresso maker so he has enough energy to work on his own pile of homework, standing just behind him on the floor.

Another promotion for New York! He is now level 7 Cat Burglar, a Cat Burglar with a cold.

Because of the aging mod I have in, it makes earning aspiration points a lot easier and quicker, something I need to note for future generations so they don’t also run into the same problem. To the point where both Paul and Minneapolis have earned all their life time benefit points. But that being said I am going to take up the skill perk tree for the Pleasure aspiration.

Here are the details for each skill perk tree for those interested. First up: Fast Metabolism.

Slower Need Decay for Bladder & Energy

Write Restaurant Guides

And last for the moment but not least, Rowdy Folk Songs

Minneapolis had the same thing happen to her with her lifetime aspiration benefits but I am going to put a temporary pin on that for the moment and work on her tree aspiration tree another time.

That being said, lets leave off with the notification that Dallas will become a child next episode and Paris into a toddler! Dallas doesn’t look to thrilled about this. Along with the next chapter there will be a character bio written for Dallas so stay tuned.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys today. I do hope you enjoyed this chapter. As always I am working on more chapters to put out for this story and soon I’ll be working on mods for the mods list! Either way stay tuned until next time.


Sarah Smiles

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