Persistent Gets The Girl: Chapter 16 of the Homemaker Legacy

Paul never gives up wanting to go out on dates or to go steady, he has literally no one he’s attracted to and last time he tried to ask Marsha out on a date she didn’t even show up on a lot. You have to give it to Paul, he is persistent about not letting rejection get to him.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

Just to showcase better all of our possible options. Meadow wasn’t home so on a second attempt, we tried Marsha again. She did say yes but lets see if she shows up!

Getting out of the car, there’s another teenager, one specifically from downtown, we can go meet and greet!

But Marsha beats us to the door and it would be just rude to run off and greet another girl while we start off the date. Well lets get this started then.

It seems to be starting off okay. A mod is glitching to where I can’t see Marsha’s wants but that’s honestly okay, it’s sort of like blind dating. In normal dating you can’t cheat to see what they want so instead of pausing to stop and figure out what mod or corruption is happening, we’re going to go with it.

Marsha starts to play cards with Orlando Bertino and it wouldn’t shock me if they liked each other instead.

Paul of course is pretty hungry and getting sleepier by the minute so I have him sit down, hoping Marsha will eventually follow. He’s thinking about the pork chops here, I think he’s going to try the porkchops at every establishment in town lol. And he does happen to be sitting next to the mysterious teenage girl. I’m so curious if theres chemistry!

While Paul talks about strangers and meeting new people, Marsha seems to be focused on thinking about eggs, and staring at the woman across the table from her as well. I wonder what this means. Does Marsha like women or is she silently being catty and judging her? Could Marsha be slightly jealous?

Interestingly enough they do seem to enjoy the same food. I am low-key shipping them together now simply over the fact they both like omelettes.

“Yoink!” Paul playfully grabs a piece of her food off her plate. The date is going good but Marsha doesn’t seem to be too amused by it.
“You could have just asked,” she said.
Now Paul wants to go from one extreme of just being playful to dancing and making out.

Let’s just start with the dancing alright? Keep it mildly family friendly around here, for the time being.

Anatomy seems to have other plans and now they are in love with each other mutually. I agree with the picture, the date is going great! Who knew huh?

Uh, oh, she’s doing that rolling eye thing again. Yikes. Run Paul run! You don’t know what she is?!

That being said, it’s probably time to go home. He asked her to go steady and she finally said yes. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this but Paul’s finally got himself a girlfriend.

A kiss to seal the deal.

Back at home while Victoria was on her way to feed Paris, Paris aged up into a toddler. How cute is she though?! I love her defaulted winter outfit.

Those little toddler teeth and smile!

A close up shot. She basically looks just like her other siblings and her personality is similar to Minneapolis but not quite the same. Paris has a couple of points less in Outgoing than Minnie but I am curious how they will interact with each other.

New York finally got a gold talent badge in robotics and that means… time to make his very first servo! I am so excited about this.

Shelby knows she must be a good dog and work hard to get promoted because that is what her master always seems to want. So when the chance came up to raise the stakes, Shelby went for it.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out and instead Shelby was demoted to being an extra.

Time for Dallas to age up into a child and Paris to wake up from her nap. I love this photo more than words will allow me to say.

I thought it would be appropriate to move the girls into one room and the boys into another now that Dallas is a child now. Plus it might give Minneapolis and Paris a chance to bond. Or drive each other crazy, who knows! Dallas is also exhausted so it’s straight to bed. Thankfully it’s the weekend so there’s still lots to do.

But before he goes to bed I want to try and have him bond with Minneaplis, someone he also has almost no relationship with and her social is dangerously low. So is her fun and energy but we can work on one at a time.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys today. I do hope you enjoyed this chapter. As always I am working on more chapters to put out for this story and soon I’ll be working on mods for the mods list! Either way stay tuned until next time.


Sarah Smiles

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