March 27th Blog Update

Hey guys,

I did some sort of major overhauls on the website today, I mean it looks mostly normal for the most part but I’ve changed a bunch of pages around and added several pages. Let’s talk about it.

The first thing I did was update the About Page & added a Social Media’s page that I’ll do my best to keep current and updated as I go.

The next thing I did was head on over to the Writing page where I finally created a: Journal Entries page. I meant to create it when I made the whole writing page to begin with but I didn’t have the mental energy to go through all my old blog posts. I’m not sure how I made through them today either but, I digress. I didn’t realize that there was so many gaps in the dating scene. I knew I had deleted a handful of entries at the time that had just been too painful to keep and I apologize for any confusion. Some of it made more sense at the time as well because I had published my breakup poems first before actually talking about any of the break up with Ross. The first entry I could find was, Thank You. I was mostly writing poetry at the time and it was obvious at the time that I was going through heartbreak as I posted those even if I wasn’t explaining exactly why.

I’m in the process of writing an update entry how I’ve been since the March 17th, 2021 blog post- Here I Go Again On My Own. It’s just… hard to write about. But I’m working on it. The poem Innocence was based off a conversation The General and I had had the first or second time we had met up in January/February and was running through my mind the other night around 2-amish, unable to sleep. He had called me innocent and trusting, not in a belittling way but endearing and loving way. It’s hard to explain so hopefully that made sense. The poem itself has nothing to do with him in any other way. It mainly got me to thinking of how sometimes, yes, I am perceived by people in this context as foolish and naive. The line “That there is hope for you too” is more about the hope for humanity than a specific individual. Anyway, that’s all I really have to say on that poem

The other area I renovated and added to is the YouTube area. I updated with the three types of YouTube channels I’d like to have:

Sarah Smiles– a Sims channel
This Fat Funny Life– A Vlog Channel
PDX Funny Girl– A Variety Gaming Channel

I already have a couple of videos I posted back in January on my Sarah Smiles channel and I am currently in the process of editing footage for my Vlog channel. I have two vlogs filmed and a third which I’ll be shooting on Tuesday. I’ll post more information about my vlogs and other channels as I work on them.

The Upload Schedule has also been updated. In a nut shell, there are no schedules but if I do have any schedules planned you can check em out there.

Anyway, that’s all I have currently. I am pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished today and I hope you enjoy it as well. I promise to get a post update on my March 17th entry out as soon as I am mentally capable plus my first vlog so please look out for both of those.

Until next time. Sincerely,

Sarah Smiles

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