A Promise

A Promise

I will never tell you that I love you
Without knowing what it means.
A promise:
To love you unconditionally
But hold you to all your faults
I’ll love you as your own person
While still becoming mine.
I promise to always love you
And to stay right at your side
As your equal friend and lover
And to never say goodbye.
I promise that there will be bad times
Where we cry, hurt and fight.
I promise to always listen
And work to make things right.

This was a poem I wrote back in July. Yes, I did have Lee in mind when I wrote it but I didn’t write it for him or about him. I wrote it as vows I would want to say to a man who held the values and belief’s that I did like about Lee. The parts that I had fallen in love with him about. I’m extremely proud of this poem, to me it’s one of my best pieces I’ve ever written. I hope to someday find a man whose worth saying it for. I hope you like it too.

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