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You’ve Got A Fri-END In Me- Part Two

Hi there and welcome to Part Two of my You’ve Got a Fri-END In Me series.

It feels weird calling it a series as that wasn’t the original intention. But as I began to write and really break down the relationship dynamics I’ve had in my life, I realized that keeping it a single blog post, would be just way too long. So far I have four parts outlined.

Part One outlined the foundation of my life up until high school. This part, Part Two, will cover what happened next, then my romantic relationships, codependency and letting friendship and romance cross over into blurred unhealthy lines and boundaries. Part Three will be some friends I made in my twenties and my former friend Spike. Hopefully Part Four will be the last, about Knucklehead, and possible strategies and ways that I can learn how to be a friend and outlining different types of friendships. Also what a healthy friendship is verses toxic ones, how to establish my own boundaries with others and enforce them. How to love others in a platonic way while still loving myself. That being said, let’s get into Part Two of You’ve Got A Fri-END In Me.

We last left off with Leah moving back to Los Angeles.

Before I jump off from there though, it’s really important to explain why and how much I enjoyed being alone. The simplest way to explain it is in a quote by Betty Davis who simply said: “I love to be alone, but I hate being lonely.”

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