Hey there! You probably clicked on this About page because you’re curious who the author of this website is and quite possibly want to learn about the website itself. I’m happy to help provide you with information on both

The Author:

My name is Sarah. I’m 34 years old, currently living in Charleston, South Carolina but from the West Coast. I grew up in Los Angeles as a kid but moved to the Portland, Oregon when I was 15. The North West is where I consider home and where I say I’m from when people ask. I miss it very much.

I am a huge animal lover with an affinity to cats although I love almost anything with fur, scales and feathers. In a dream scenario I would own a home that would always be surrounded by nearly almost every kind of animal. Believe me, having my own zoo has crossed my mind several times. I like to volunteer with Pet Helpers from time to time. I can hold bee’s in my hand without being stung, nor have I ever been stung. One of these days I’d love to go into bee keeping.

I come from a long line of radical hippies and strong women who rebel against social norms and I not only consider myself one of them but proudly proclaim it to the world. I have a strong affinity to blue jays because my grandmother started the tradition that when we die, we are reincarnated into blue jays and look after future family generations.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager and the love of reading even younger. I enjoy writing fiction, poetry and blogs, which was the reason why I created this website although I have tried and failed with dozens of blogs before hand.

The Website

I created this website in 2017 because I wanted a general place to dump all my ideas and interests.

Up until this point I had stuck with only blogs where I would write endlessly thoughts and opinions on what’s going on in my life. I wanted to do that here but I wanted to expand on that. I wanted a site where I could talk about my Sims 2 obsession just as much as my poetry and YouTube channel(s), a one fell swoop or one stop shop so to speak. And that in a nutshell, is what this website is about. Here you’ll find a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a look into the inside of my messy mind.

Currently on here you can find

Future Website Goals

In the next 1-2 years:

  • Sims covering
    – Machinima’s
    – Custom Content Link Hauls
    – Challenges
    – Lets Plays
    – Tutorials
    – Builds
    – Reviews such as: Mod Recommendations &
    – Covering and playing Sims 1 through 4 & Consoles.
  • A Weekly Vlog Channel
    – Travel Vlogs
    – Health
    – Unboxing & Try ons
    – Bullet Journaling
    – Random Challenges, Shenanigans, thoughts & opinions
  • General Gaming Channel
    – Elder Scrolls
    – Horror Games
    – Indie & random games

Wish list but no immediate plans for