Hi there, you probably clicked on this section of the web because maybe you hope to learn more about me, the author of the site and YouTube channel. But also maybe you clicked on this page to learn more about the website and what it’s about. I can help you with both of those.

I am a 33 year old woman currently living in Charleston, South Carolina and while I do really enjoy this city, it’s not where I call home. I have 4 crazy cats who I love equally all very much.

I came up with the idea for my YouTube channel two years ago but I started watching Lets Plays for the Sims 2 all the way back to 2012 when my laptop died and I couldn’t play the game anymore. Watching those Lets Plays really let me live vicariously through their stories and not too long after I would dream and even write down how I would want my own stories to tell. Thus the seed of wanting to become a You Tuber began.

My mother instilled the joy of reading when I was a very young child very quickly became a passion. She always read to me books about strong women like Little Women, Anne of Green Gables and A Little Princess and I would learn to define myself through those characters. Reading took me on an adventure I never wanted to stop going on wither it was a Choose Your Own Adventure, Boxcar Children, Roald Dahl, or the Saddle Club and I would beg my mom to let me go with her to thrift stores to pursue any chance of a good book. (It was pre-internet days guys, this was how you found cheap books) When I was 13 I came up with the idea of the first book I wanted to write, I wanted to be the youngest ever published author. (Clearly that didn’t happen lol) But that doesn’t matter, 13 was the age when I discovered I enjoy writing stories as much as I loved to take part in them.

Dreams for the channel:

Someday, but I don’t know when, I don’t have a plan, I very much want to include a lot of other types of content to my channel.

  • I like the idea of creating Vlogs but also
  • Unboxing videos of all kinds of stuff (Clothes, Candy, Hauls, etc),
  • my attempts at Bullet Journaling,
  • Creating cat videos (sometimes in the style of Cole and Marmalade, sometimes like Sylvester from the Talking Kitty Cat, and others).
  • Videos like Good Mythical Morning in the comedy style of “who has the best hot sauce” or other random styles that they have.
  • I like idea of creating “skits.” For example, me and another person sitting in lawn chairs talking in really horrible accents, “things we can see from our back yard.” I used to live in this horrible apartment right next to a mall and there were tons of businesses outside and thought it was be funny to be like, “I can see State Farm from my back yard. I can see Grocery Outlet from my back yard.” etc. Another example is me and another adult pretending to be parents, hearing the ice cream truck and begging to a couple of children for money for the ice cream truck. Or reciting Shakespeare on a bus. Just really silly random things that maybe no one would find funny but maybe someone would.
  • Videos about trying new things but not in an unboxing way. I had a series in mind that would be called, “Little Did Sarah Know” and it would be about trying things I saw on Pinterest, or learning something specific I’ve always been curious about or wanted to try, etc.

Most of these things are just things I dream about and would love to do this professionally, YouTube and learn how to do things like create graphics for people or even be a published author. My dream is to be my own boss and create content that I want to create.

Anyway, that’s its folks for now here and I hope you found it interesting. Don’t forget to smile~! ❤ ^_^