Adoption Mods

1.) Adopt In Poverty– Don’t let a little thing like *money* effect wither your Sim can raise a child… even if they can’t afford it.
2.) Cross reference to University mods. YA can adopt children & roll wants.
3.) Same Day Adoption Service– This mod allows you to receive your adopted child the same day you call to adopt via the social worker.
4.) Adoption Service Enabled for Teens– This mod allows teens to adopt children using the adoption service.
5.) Teen & Gender Preference Adoption Hack– This mod adds the option to adopt teens from the adoption service, it also allows you to choose your gender preference for toddlers, children, & teens.
6.) Give Up For Adoption + Adoption Memory Mod-W ith this mod, when sims call the adoption agency with at least one sim younger than teen living with them a dialog box will appear asking if they want to adopt a child or a give a child up and, if they say they want to give up a child, the social worker will come immediately and take the kid(s).
7.) Adoption mods– Gives children custom adoption memories as well as lets parents confess to being adopted if they don’t have a memory of adoption. Outcome of kid finding out depends on relationship with that parent – if they are on friendly terms, kid loses 3 STR and 1 LTR towards that parent and parent loses 2 STR and 1 LTR toward that child. However, if they are not on friendly terms, kid loses 12 STR and 5 LTR, while parent loses 10 STR and 5 LTR. After finding out, that kid will get negative “found out I had been adopted” memory.