Journal Entries

On this page are the links to all of my personal thoughts and opinions shared into blog format that I’ve shared on this site thus far. I’ve broken them up into topics and will always be in chronological order. Here is a link to my Poetry page to check out as well.

I did not list every article but the majority of them, especially when it comes to the milestones & updates. Most of the links have been deleted & are outdated but if you click on Updates Page and keep scrolling, you can scroll back, back and back to the beginning to see every entry if you so wish.


September 24th, 2020: Thank You
September 28th, 2020: Better
September 29th, 2020: Back to Square One
September 30th, 2020- So Sorry Abi: Putting the Pieces Together
September 30th, 2020- Back To Your Regular Scheduled Programing…
September 30th, 2020- The Monster Inside Us All
October 7th, 2020- A Little Insecure
October 24th, 2020 – Closure
November 1st, 2020- Managing Your Expectations
March 17th, 2021- Here I Go Again On My Own


November 27th, 2020: Coming Back Soon
October 20th, 2020: 20K Blog Hits
September 21st, 2020: Blog Update
February 7ty, 2020: I’m Back!
January 6th, 2020: 5K Blog Hits
December 12th, 2019: Update
12-9 Update
November 30th, 2019: End Of The Month Update
November 25th, 2019: 4K Blog Hits
October 5th, 2019: What Happened This Week

Random Opinions

October 20th, 2019- The Lack of Empathy in America Today
October 15th, 2019- Redemption?