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Chapter 16 of the Homemaker Legacy

Paul never gives up wanting to go out on dates or to go steady, he has literally no one he’s attracted to and last time he tried to ask Marsha out on a date she didn’t even show up on a lot. You have to give it to Paul, he is persistent about not letting rejection get to him.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

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Starting to Prep For University: Chapter 14 of the Homemaker Challenge:

I have to say that I’m shocked over Victoria’s reaction to there being a dog on her bed and actually wanting to praise Shelby. Victoria only has 3 points of interest in animals and she seems so nonchalant about it. But I mean okay, sure.
(I am experimenting with aging mods for those that noticed the Victoria becomes an elder in 32 days)

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Going Steady: Chapter 13 of the Homemaker Challenge

Paul gain’s a creativity skill point although I’m not exactly sure when he started taking violin lessons. Must be something he’s only doing at school. But hey good for him. Also because of Minnie’s interest in fishing her interest in nature turned to gardening I guess kind of chance card. I will say, that is something I do prefer in the Sims 4 verses the Sims 2, Sims 4 does a much better job at neiching down specific skill sets and not lumping one interest into all areas. Gardening and fishing are not the same except in the Sims 2. But I mean, hey maybe this is something we can work with at a later date.

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Teenagers: Chapter 11 of the Homemaker Challenge

We last left off the Homemaker challenge with a very dramatic episode of the twins getting into private school. It’s late Friday night and Minneapolis had rolled the want to do her brother Paul’s homework. She has the want to go fishing but also to talk about her hobby enthusiasm. I like the idea of her mother hearing noises coming from downstairs and going to find Minneapolis ecstatically chatting her ear off about science. Perhaps she’s asking Victoria if she’s aloud to go star gazing or perhaps excited to join in on a science club at her new school. Either way it’s very late and if she has the same want in the morning to go fishing, New York is going to take her to go fishing again.

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Is That My Child?: Chapter 9 of the Homemaker Challenge

Minneapolis just finished inviting over child townie Orlando Bertino over to her house when a strange man in very strange garb lets himself into the home.
“Minnie,” New York asks, “Do you know this man?”
“No dad,” Minneapolis replies.
Minneapolis has a very high interest in sci-fi and spends a lot of time out doors star gazing or staring at the plants. At least he looks the part of his hobby instead of when the fitness hobby instructor greeted New York dressed as the cooking hobby instructor and when the cooking hobby instructor showed up dressed as fitness hobby instructor.

Warning: Picture Heavy. More Under the Cut

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Homemaker: What If Scenarios

I began to think: What if something happens in your game play to effect the rules, what then? So I’m writing this post as I think of it and will update it as I go of possible scenarios that can happen in your game and what to do so your challenge isn’t automatically “over.”

1.) One of the Spouses Dies For Any Reason:

  • The challenge is not necessarily over if either the Breadwinner or Homemaker dies.
  • It does mean however your Sim must remarry and any children previously born do not count. All four children must share DNA of two parents. So if you were three of the four children born then so close but no cigar.
  • If your feeling generous, your new spouse can keep the old children or you can move them out or give them up for adoption to make room. This is up to you and how twisted you want to make your story.
  • You can use the Elixir of Life if needed to age down your Sim to make these four children.
  • If your Breadwinner is the one to survive and also went to University, they can apply to the Paranormal career and obtain the Resurrect-O-Nomitron to bring back their spouse. But do remember there is a time limit and have a 48 hour window when you can bring back your loved one. This also means a 48 grace period where your Breadwinner can 100% take care of your children’s needs but may not teach them any skills such as walking, talking or potty training for toddlers.
  • If your Homemaker is the one to survive and all four children have been born then they may not remarry under any circumstances. I hope you have enough finances saved. They can in this circumstances earn money in other ways such as writing, digging for treasure, or money tree is allowed. Hell if you want to make your Homemaker to have to turn tricks to pay the bills, then go for it. Get creative.

2.) Children Get Taken Away for Any Reason:

  • Look Mistakes happen, and I’m not going to question your parenting abilities but if any of your children get taken away it’s a minus deduction of the amount children taken. So if you have all four children born and two get taken away then your homemaker must give birth to two more children. Children taken away by the social worker may not be readded to the family household at any time.

3.) What If You have Triplets and Quads:

  • This mod goes on the no no list of mods aloud in the game. The max children you can have at any time are one set of twins per generation.
  • If you have two sets of twins born in the same generation, the second set only counts as one child for the amount of children needed to pass the challenge. So even though there are 4 children born, it only counts as if your Sim has had 2 children.
  • The same goes for Triplets and Quads. If you must insist on having triplets and quads then the same rule applies to more than one set of twins. You might like this idea just to add an extra layer of insanity to your challenge.

4.) What If My Homemaker or Breadwinner has an alien baby or an affair with another townie?

  • This technically is already covered in the regular game rules but to emphasis, they do not count towards the challenge. You may have them but your challenge is not considered complete till all four children share DNA between the Homemaker and Breadwinner. Same sex mods are allowed. Have fun with it.

This page is currently under construction and feel free to provide any feedback to expand on these rules.

Blog update

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share an update of some plans I have for my website/blog here.

1.) I’m super happy that people have been enjoying my Homemaker Challenge! I have more chapters coming on the way, like two or three so far depending on how after sorting out the photos go.

But I am also going to create character profiles on each Sim that comes into the challenge and how they develop as they age up. I’m doing this so you the audience can get to know and become more familiarized with the Sims themselves. I want you to see what I see behind the scenes as far as their interests and personalities. You’ll be able to find these in the Homemaker Challenge page and I will post an announcement here when they are completed.

2.) I want/need to update the Sims 2 Mods page. Not only is it so outdated from last year (I think, I don’t remember the last time I updated but I think it was November 2019) but so many new mods have been developed since my last update. A lot of links to mods have been removed. The entire site of Simbology has been taken down and while links on the website have been saved to SFS, the links need to be updated themselves.

3.) I don’t know when but I’d also like to continue and expand my Lets Play Recap episode series on other Simmers.

There is of course a lot of other areas on this site I need to redo like the CC area but those are my main 3 focus goals till the end of the year. I love and appreciate anyone who subscribes to this blog or just checks it out period. Also thank you so much for all the recent comments, it makes my day to interact with you. That’s all that I have for now, just a quick update. Love until later,


Sarah Smiles

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