Celebrity Asylum: Fergie

Warning: The following description, other than their birthday, are purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Want: Celebrity Chef in the Culinary Career
Birthday: March 27, 1975
Zodiac: Aries

Neat: 6Active: 8Nice: 3
Outgoing: 5Playful: 3

Turn Ons: Underwear & Facial Hair
Turn Off: Hats
Hobby: Sports

Politics: 7Money: 0Environment: 3
Crime: 1Entertainment: 10Culture: 5
Food: 7Health: 2Fashion: 3
Sports: 8Paranormal: 6Travel: 8
Work: 4Weather: 8Animals: 6
School: 4Toys: 4Sci-Fi: 4