Celebrity Asylum Question And Answers

On this page I’ll be doing my best to answer any and all questions that people may have over my Celebrity Asylum Challenge

1.) Where Do You Get Your Celebrity Sims/Do You Make Them/Can You Upload Them?

The good news is, no I don’t make any of my Sims and that they are all available to download. If you use Discord you can find all the links on my TS2 CC CAS Discord Server. They are public use. I have made notes on the celebrity links listed where certain CC items don’t work. It’s mostly hair but also a few outfits. Most of the Sims are from 2008 to 2009. If you see a check mark next to the download, it’s one I’ve personally put in my game.

2.) Can you feature other celebrities in your neighborhood?

Totally! Honestly I am rubbish at creating Sims but if you upload any celebrity Sims onto the Discord and @sarahsmiles on it, I might consider adding it to my neighborhood! I honestly really want over a 100 Sims with various styles so yes, please let me know which links you’d like in the game. You can even check out what celebrities I already have and tag me if you think you find either an updated or better version of them. For instance I know of 3 different Marylin Monroe’s before settling on the one I put in my game.

3.) What are your other plans for West Weasles?

Currently my other plan is to do a Bad Genes and Good Genes challenge within the neighborhood. My founders are going to be Malcom Landgraab and Sandy Bruty. I asked on Facebook who people thought was the ugliest premade female Sim and other than Florence Delarosa, Sandy Bruty was a close second next to Samantha Ottmas. Considering Samantha is married and has a giant family already, I really liked Sandy. Plus I have a fond attachment to good o’l fish lips. I want to get 10 generations in creating really genetically mutated Sims and then breed out the ugly.

Other than that, no other plans for West Weasles at this time but that never say never. I am open to suggestions. Maybe a good o’l fashioned Study or Die challenge in a University edition to the heirs of both challenge? Idk just throwing out ideas.