Coffee Mods

1.) Espresso For Visitors– I guess if you have an espresso machine at home your visitors can’t use it.
2.) Espresso and Coffee Makers not on counters only– You may now place these appliances on tables and end tables as well. Please note that the “making coffee” animation is complex and it may look weird at some angles of view, mostly because of the different height of surfaces, and the inevitable misalignment between sims animation path and object vertical placement.
3.) Auto Serve Espresso – Autonomous use of the espresso machine will “serve” instead of “make”
4.) Less Bladder Decay While Drinking Espresso– This mod reduces the bladder decay sims get while drinking espresso.
5.) More Energy from Coffee– This mod increases the energy gain from coffee to the same energy gain sims get from drinking espresso.
6.) Drink Coffee Faster– This mod allows sims to drink coffee faster, sims gain less energy from the coffee with this mod.
7.) Less Caffeine– Sims won’t autonomously drink coffee, espresso, or hot cocoa if they should be sleeping.
8.) No Coffee Energy Failure– Sims won’t stop drinking coffee, espresso or hot chocolate due to sleepiness.
9.) No Coffee Juggling– Sims won’t autonomously juggle coffee or espresso cups.
10.) More Options For Freetime and Kitchen & Bath Coffee Machines– This will add Decaf Coffee, French Roast Coffee, Peruvian Coffee, and Irish Coffee to the choices of the Freetime or Kitchen & Bath coffee machines or both if you have both and choose to download both files. When your sim is done preparing their coffee choice, they can either drink the coffee they just made, or choose from the list again.