Delivery & Community Lot Food Mods

1.) Chinese Food box on counters only– No more Chinese food on end tables in bedrooms, desks or elsewhere but on kitchen’s counters.
2.) Pizza box on counters only– Same as Chinese food but with Pizza.
3.) Delivery of Food– This mod adds the random possibility (50%) for a sim returning home from work of attempting to purchase groceries (enough to restock your fridge). If they do, they will bring it in, just as if they had already purchased it at the store on their way home. Note that any familial greeting should occur first, then the delivery of groceries or pizza.
4.) Take Off Accessories Before Eating Pizza– This mod makes sims remove any accessories before serving/eating pizza; works with the thinking cap, cool shades, & the noodlesoother.
5.) Chinese Food Sit Down-When sims get a box of Chinese food and look for a place to sit down they’ll check all room
6.) Exnem/Numenor’s Soda Machine Fixed– Removes the check that prevents visitors from using the soda machine autonomously on community lots. Tweaks the autonomy values a bit anyway to be more in line with getting a drink from the fridge. Made it not be viewed as a fridge so sims won’t try and store leftovers in it (must rebuy all soda machines for this fix to work)
7.) Playables Don’t Clean Plates On Community Lots– Now playable sims can only clean plates autonomously on livable lots
8.) “Banned Food” Fix for Food Judging Tables– This mod modifies the “Sub – Banned Foods” BHAV from the Food Judging table. Basically, EAxis made a giant oversight when it came to custom drinks.
9.) No Plate Clearing On Community Lots– Stops your Sims clearing up their own and everyone else’s plates in restaurants or any other community lot. There are better versions of this elsewhere, so this is obsolete.