Dining Mods

1.) Take Off Reward Items Before Eating– Above add on but can be used as a standalone.
2.) Chinese & Coffee Sit Down Fix– Sims will look for the closest appropriate place to sit to drink/eat instead of only looking in their current room and ending up standing.
3.) No Food Theft– stay away from mah food!

4.) Better locations for food serving and dropping– Have you noticed Sims walking far distances all over the lot to find places (counters/tables) to put serving platters on, especially on apartment lots? How about the Sim who prepares a meal in their apartment and then serves it up on the rooftop tables instead of on the tables in their own apartment? For apartments, only sets places inside of the current apartment (can be disabled) For all lots, will only serve to tables 15 or less tiles away
5.) Call to meal fixes and place setting fixes– This hack changes the behavior of the “Call To Meal” interaction and of the place setting logic. When a Sim serves a meal, individual plates or bowls are set down at any available tables for all of the Sims (and greeted visitors) in the household.
6.) Better locations for eating– The hack forces Sims to choose more realistic locations to eat their food. It prevents them from wandering far distances just to sit at a specific table. So now your Sims won’t walk 10,000 feet up 4 floors to the far corner of the roof, if that is the only place where a table can be found that’s not in-use.
7.) Chair A Booth Fix– This patch is needed in order for the game to recognize cloned dining booths as dining booths. Booth cloners need to avoid changing the Proxy GUID value in the OBJD if they want this to work. (You can and should change the normal GUID, of course)