DramatiSim Episode Recaps

DramatiSim or Whitey28 was one of the first YouTubers I ever watched that made Lets Plays for the Sims 2. I watched for years, especially during a period where I did not and could not afford a computer, and I love how she covers every premade family. She does have Sims 4 videos on her channel and while this is a Sims 2 recap area, I will make exceptions for certain creators like Dani’s Sims 4 series. Below you can click on each season. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions on each episode recap as well what you thought of the episode and season. Did you like how she interpreted the premade characters and where they went? What do you wish she had done differently?

Sims 2

Pleasasntview- Season 1 & Season 2
Riverblossom Hills
Desiderta Valley
Belladonna Cove
Sims Life Stories

Sims 4

100 Baby Challenge
Disney Princess Challenge
Dine Out LP
Get To Work
I’m a Lover Challenge
Lets Decorate
Townie Makeovers