Drinking Mods

1.) Si’Down with your drink– There are various different drinks that a Sim can partake of when thirsty. Generally a Sim will sit down to drink their favorite tipple if there is a chair in the same room, but if not will stand around sipping away. This is different from the behavior with food where they will quite happily take food from the kitchen to the room next door where the dining table is, to sit down and eat it properly.
2.) Refillable Fruit Punch Barrel– This is a global object mod, that adds two custom interactions to the fruit punch barrel. I’ve also cleaned up the code and fixed a few annoyances. Text is available in English and Swedish.
3.) Fewer Drunks– Saner motive checks mean sims won’t find bars so attractive and are more likely to use food and entertainment to satisfy Hunger and Fun. Removed the weird motive limits on drinking that prevented liquor (oops I mean “juice”) from ever satisfying a sim’s craving. Drinking straight from the bottle is limited to sims in red aspiration.
4.) Real Alcohol Bar 2.0– Gin, Vermouth, Rum, and Vodka to the pie menus for this bar, as well as the other added liquor. This bar won’t make your sims drunk.