Family Mods

Family Interactions

1.) Classic Dance With Family (Non-Romantic Social–  Enables classic dance with your sims’ family, as long as both of your sims and target sims are teen or older, without any romantic effect in it. Means, your sims would not get any slap from their mothers if your sims decide to dance with their own fathers.
2.) Parenthood– Shape you child and teen sims into adulthood, build their character value. Give them advice, defend or protect them when they get problems. From part of The Sims 4 Parenthood gamepack, comes to The Sims 2. Your Sims’ children’s personality will depend on your decision.
3.) Children Wants Mod– Have 10 kids –> lowered to 5. Who in the world (real or virtual) has 10 kids these days? Have 20 grandchildren –> lowered to 10.
4.) Sibling Torment– Noogie and Torment are negative actions which reduce relationship, but raise the instigator’s Social.
5.) No More Feed That Child Popup Message– This mod prevents the message “What kind of parent lets a child go hungry?” from popping up.
6.) No Autonomous Family Kiss– This mod nukes the autonomous behavior of Sims ‘family kissing’ other Sims, but the mod does not nuke the interaction, “Family Kiss”.
7.) Chastise Unlocked-Enables a “chastise” interaction between adults/elders and children/teens if they are related. Non-autonomous.
8.) Kick Out Family Members-Enabled for adults up, ends with the sim walking off the lot to the family bin ala divorcees after a divorce. The original interaction had an “are you sure?”-type dialog box at the beginning that references roommates and apartments but it works on regular lots too.
9.) Step-Parents Baby Wants Satisfied– When a baby is born, their “step-parents” (spouses of their biological parents) will also get baby wants/fears fulfilled if they live with the baby, and their step-grandparents will have grandbaby wants fulfilled as well.
10.) Zirconia Wolf’s Stair Mod Updated For M&G– Updates Zirconia Wolf mod so toddlers and baby pets can climb up stairs if they’ve learned to walk but also makes sliding down the banisters selectable.
11.) Teen To Child Noogie Fix– Lets teen gives their younger siblings noogies.

Family Tree & Portraits
1.) Improved Family Tree UI– This mod increases the size of the family tree UI to make it easier to see on modern resolutions. See the screenshots for before and after comparisons.
2.) Cousins Don’t Get Flagged As Family– Self explanatory

1.) Maxis Arches Have Polygamy/Marriage Of Convenience Options– The social from Marhis’s arch has been modified and included as well to work with the maxis BG arch.
2.) Marhis’ Last Name Chooser Compatible With Piqiwi’s Parenthood– Makes compadible Piqiwi’s Parenthood mod compatible with Marhis’s last name copier.

1.) Bigger Families– Unlimited household members.
2.) More Family Members-Like Cyjon’s version above but Squinge’s.