Fridge Mods

1.) Low Food Warning Dialog– Adds a warning dialog telling you to buy more food that will appear once the total household food stock is less than 50. Also available in a version that ignores mini-fridges when counting the available food stock. Only install one of the Warning Dialog hacks at a time!
2.) No Spoiled Food– No spoiled food except pizza, chinese food and buffet table.
It only applies to food on plate and serving tray or bowl.
3.) Food Already Available Fix– Fixes this test in the game so that it now checks for a group meal, pizza, chinese food, or a buffet table before allowing a sim to cook anything autonomously (including getting a snack). Seasons version also includes leftovers (note: this will stop all autonomous fridge use, except stuff face, if there are leftovers). If you don’t want this, use the NL version which does not include the leftovers part and use Dizzy’s leftover hack in the Peasantry of MATY to allow them to actually get the leftovers when autonomously trying to have a meal. Also note for all versions that birthday cakes are not considered food by the game so are not counted as available food in the checks.
4.) Power Fridge– A modded fridge which provides several hacked menus.
5.) Monique’s Auto Ordering of Fridge’s Food– Every hour this hack will check your fridges stock, if your stock is below 50 food units (20 for mini-fridge) and if your sims have enough money or if there is no market basket present on your lot, then this hack will automatically order a market basket:
6.) Fridge Food Supplies Menu hack– This hack will replace your “Check Food Supplies” menu from fridge’s pie menus with “Food Supplies: Current ??? – Capacity ???”. It’s auto viewing of food supplies from pie menus. Pls see screenshot.
7.) Baby toddler food and feeding fixes– Prevents Sims from magically getting a free bottle to feed babies or toddlers when the refrigerator lacks enough food points. A fridge must now have 3 or more food points (default amount unless you’ve hacked it) in order to produce a baby bottle. Also prevents Sims from getting “Toddler Mush” from fridges lacking 6 or more food point. Also has many cool features which are enabled by default. They allow the following behaviors. A Sim can sit while feeding a bottle to a baby. Sims only do it if their comfort motive is at or below 50%. At above 50% comfort, they will instead feed the baby while standing, but first move away from the fridge after getting the bottle so that they don’t block other Sims from using the fridge. Smart milk will now work for a toddler that drank it while sitting in a high-chair. The sit to feed baby feature only works for bottles taken directly from a fridge. For bottles picked up off the floor, you will need to use the ADDON hack.
8.) No free food with refrigerator (except at dorms)–  Since when does a brand new refrigerator from a store come fully stocked with chilled food in real life? This hack makes the game more realistic.
9.) No free food with refrigerator all houses– Also includes dorms at University.
10.) Cooking uses money instead of food points– In lieu of using food points (groceries), each meal prepared will instead cost money. This occurs on all types of lots (residential, business, community). The game actually does this behavior already even without a hack, under certain circumstances. Such as? When no apartments have their own private fridges, meaning the only fridges in the apartment building are in the shared communal areas. And also on all community lots that contain a refrigerator. It may even charge money to the owner on a business lot for employees that are preparing meals to sell. But now with this cool hack, that behavior occurs everywhere, every time. And yes, your money will go into the negative if your Sim lacks the Simoleons (but only on residential lots).
11.) Apocalypse Fridge– Rather than observing the “one meal per day” rule I tried using this refrigerator. Sims can prepare as many meals as they like but the fridge holds only 1/10 the amount of food (20 units) as a normal fridge. This allows preparation of a plate of hot dogs or 5 individual sandwiches.
12.) Cyjon’s Permafridge-It automatically fills all fridges at midnight and charges you money for it.
13.) Breakfast at Midnight-Eat whatever you want anytime you want as long as you know how to cook what you want.
14.) No Refrigerator Play– Prevents sims from swinging on refrigerator doors
15.) Always Stocked Fridges– The above patches refill your fridge every night at about midnight.
16.) No Autonomy Fridges Patch– It stops Sims making meals or snacking unless either you tell them to, or their hunger goes below -70 (so that you don’t accidentally starve them to death). Getting bottles for babies and toddlers is unaffected.
17.) No Autonomy Fridge– Sims cannot choose to get food from the fridge until the player tells them to. This stops the annoyance of having a Sim parent cook only for themselves etc. This is a standalone object and all other fridges will be left to work normally.