Food Interaction Mods

1.) Antifoodnap– Changes the codes for when your Sim is both exhausted and famished at the same time so they don’t fall asleep in their food as much.
2.) Visitor Snacking Fix– Stops visitors from raiding your fridge during a party IF there is other food available. If you install this, you need the Food Already Available hack as well or visitors will ignore buffet tables & Chinese food.
3.) Toasting fix– Sims who are off-lot will no longer show up in the “Toast To” or “Toast With” pie-menu choices for Toasting Sets. Neither will visitors or walkbys who have not yet been greeted. Both sleeping Sims and dead Sims (ghosts) will no longer be available for toasting either.
4.) Eat at neighbor’s apartment v1.1 *DISCONTINUED*– Use Better Locations for Eating except if it clashes with another mod. A Sim will eat in the apartment they are currently in or visiting, instead of taking the food all the way back to their own apartment to eat in solitude like a weirdo. So now your Sims can enjoy a meal with a neighbor at that neighbor’s apartment, instead of “stealing” a plate and running back home to eat it. It works with following interactions: Serve a Meal, Grab a Plate, and Get Leftovers.
5.) Food Nap Fix– Fixes a bug which causes sims who fall asleep in their food to sleep until motive failure. EA never bothered adding an energy check to allow food nappers to wake up. This mod wakes the sim at the same energy level as passing out on the floor.
6.) Don’t walk away from stove while cooking– This mod stops all sims from walking away from all stoves/grills while they are cooking.
7.) Stuff Your Fat Face– The “Stuff Face” fridge interaction adds fat points regardless of the sim’s hunger level.
8.) No Smells Yummy– Prevents the “smells yummy” action
9.) No Influence Instant Meals– When you influence a sim to make a meal, the target will actually make something and not just pull out instant meals.
10.) No Food Theft– Sims can no longer attempt to steal leftovers or buffet dishes from other sims. There is a brief moment after leftovers or buffet dishes are created but before they are in the hand of the sim. During that time, any other sim can try to eat the food and this causes the plate to simply disappear. This mod uses the food ownership introduced in BV to prevent others from claiming the food.
11.) Autonomous SnoCone Machine– A snowcone machine for your Sims!