Food Mods

Buffet Mods
1.) Hacked Buffet Table– This buffet table overrides/temporarily replaces the original – if you want it as a stand-alone object you’ll need to clone it. What it does is gives the extra option of calling everybody – even NPCs – to eat either Turkey, Gelatin or Salad. You can also individually invite a person to eat a particular type of food from the table if you don’t want everybody eating.
2.) Endless Buffet Patch– Once your Sim sets up a buffet, it stays full and fresh until he clears it away. May or may not work on custom buffets
3.) Pay Buffet-Sims in current family use this for free, visitors pay 20 Simoleans per helping. Made to be slightly more attractive than normal so visitors will use in preference to any other on the lot. This buffet has inbuilt no-spoil no-empty features, which work independently of whether or not you have the EndlessBuffet patch. Also works on community lots.

1.) Storing Leftovers– Boiling Oil’s verson collects 7 plates instead of the 5, There are no autonomous food storage so you still have to manually put food away as leftovers, Sims can autonomous lick plates!
2.) Autonomous Put Away Leftovers– Another version of this mod. Complimentary with MogHughson’s Simply Leftovers.
3.) Simply Leftovers– This allows you to put away a group meal as the correct number of single plate portions instead.

Regular Food Mods
1.) All Day Gelatin– Self explanatory.
2) Glowing Desserts Fix– With this mod, baked Alaska (from the base game) and crepes suzette (from Nightlife) don’t glow after you load a lot or take them out of a Sim’s inventory or a fridge. They should glow only when a Sim sets them on fire.
3.) Crepes Suzette Fix– This mod fixes the serving plate with crepes suzette. By default, it looks empty when there’s one crepe on it, and a crepe shows up on it when it’s actually empty. Now, it looks empty if it’s empty, and a crepe shows up if there’s a crepe on it.
4.) Custom food disappears– Makes custom food disappear
5.) Simsky – Durable Food mod– Durable Food – this game mod will prevent your food from getting spoiled.
6.) Simsky – Fireproof Cooking mod– Fireproof Cooking – this game mod will prevent your kitchen appliances (stoves, toaster ovens…) from catching fire.
7.) Cheaper Restaurant Guides– Significantly reduces payout for restaurant guides.
8.) Cyjon’s noeatcrap– Active 5 or more will stop eating when full an pregnant sims will keep eating regardless of Active level.
9.) Fewer Fires– Creates a flat 1% chance of a fire when cooking, regardless of the difficulty of the food. Has the side effect that burning food (without starting a fire) is slightly more common.)
10.) No Candy Machine Failure– Prevents failure when using the candy machine so that it is a valuable training tool (like other career rewards) rather than a useless conversation piece.
11.) No Late Cafeteria– Prevents the dorm cafeteria worker from making food after 11 pm since it will just be cleaned up the instant it is finished.
12.) No Spoiled Food– Prevents sims from even considering eating spoiled food unless they are very sloppy or very hungry.
13.) No Table Platters– Sims no longer put serving platters on eating surfaces such as dining tables or counter islands.
14.) Take Off Aspiration Reward Accessories Before Eating– This mod makes sims remove any accessories before eating any food; works with the thinking cap, cool shades, & noodlesoother.
15.) No Fresh Food Sparkle– This mod prevents food from sparkling.
16.) No Comfort Drop Conjure Grilled Cheese– Turns out if a sim has low comfort they’re not allowed to conjure grilled cheese, which doesn’t make sense now that the comfort drop’s been removed.
17.) Gas Hob– This sits on a counter without breaking up the flow of your worktop. It looks like just a hob, but in fact all the oven facilities are magically available just below in the cabinet – if you don’t mind your Sim miming a bit.
18.) Electric Hob– Please note that this electric hob develops a gas flame while cooking. This is not an error in SL’s work, if you look carefully, Maxis original electric stoves get a flame too, but they’ve made their mesh a bit higher to hide it.

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