Juice Mods

Mods for the juicer that comes in the kitchen appliances

1.) Juicing enabled for children– It means that children will float above the floor while making the juice, and that during the process the hands and objects might not align properly.
2.) Juicers Have Infinite Capacity– Is not compatible with Juicing enabled for children.
3.) Juice Tray Mods /Fixes – Never Be Cleaned up, Placeable on Endtables, Sellable & More– Served trays never become spoiled/dirty so sims will never autonomously clean them up. Juice trays can be placed in personal inventory and therefore be given as a gift to other sims. Juice trays no long disappear after about 35 sim hours, also they now can be placed on end tables and can be sold for 230 simoleons. Juice trays are sell able  if they’re still 6 servings left in the tray initially, a mod that disables the “Have a Drink” interaction after the juice becomes spoiled which by Maxis default is 24 hours after it’s served.
4.) More or Less Juice Ingredients – 3 Flavors– Did you want to make or serve juice with fewer vegetables and/or fruits? Or did you want a real challenge making or serving juice with more vegetables and/or fruits? Or are you looking for a much harder challenge  making or serving juice with even more ingredients?
5.) Juicer Tweaks Compilation– Basically takes most of these mods listed above and merges them so they don’t conflict with each other.