Minneapolis City

Family Position: Generation 2 Bread Winner
Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime Want: To Earn $100,000
Spouse: Benjamin Long
Parents: New York City & Victoria City
Siblings: Twin brother St Paul. Younger Brother Dallas, Younger Sister Paris
Children: None at this time
Personality: Aries
Neat: 9 Active: 6 Nice: 6
Outgoing: 10 Playful: 4
Money:3 Environment:7
Entertainment:8 Culture:0
Health:3 Fashion:3
Paranormal:8 Travel:9
Weather:9 Animals:5
Toys:0 Sci-Fi:3
Turn Ons: Hard workers & Logical
Turn Off: Unemployed
Job: Mime in the Entertainment Career. Off Sundays & Mondays
Skills: Mechanical: 4 Charisma: 7 Body: 3 Logic: 8 Creativity: 2 Cleaning: 1
Hobby: Film & Lit w/5 points in Science
Friends: Orlando Bertino, Benjamin Long & Marsha Brunig
Affairs: None

-Page is technically an on going progress and in development until the death of Minneapolis City-

My Personal Take On Minneapolis City:

Minneapolis is a Sim whose life I was immediately invested in from the moment she was born. I had this idea of a story line I wanted to experiment with from a couple of years ago when I last tried this challenge. I wanted the idea of twins being polar opposites instead of being the same and when researching twin cities around the world, Minneapolis and her brother Paul seem to be a good fit for that. The City of Minneapolis was reported in 2018 as the third richest city in North America, so a Fortune aspiration was not hard to settle on for Minnie while her brother Paul could rake and take in all the benefits as a Pleasure Sim. I actually know little to nothing about both cities except for what I can find off of Google. Something I found amusing was as a child, Minneapolis (the sim) rolled the want to go fishing several times (as did her brother Paul but not to the same extent) and the City of Minneapolis is known for it’s parks and lakes. As of late she has not rolled any wants to continue her fishing skill badge which she currently has a bronze talent badge in and has 7 points in the Environment.

Minneapolis has a good relationship with her twin brother Paul and a semi-decent one with her younger brother Dallas. She as absolutely no relationship with her youngest sibling Paris and I think there might always be an age gap that makes it difficult for them to relate. I have some story arch ideas between the two sisters that will come as the story progresses that I think can be interesting but that’s all I am going to say on that situation for awhile.

We can definitely see that Minnie gets a lot of her personality from both of her parents. She’s super neat like her mother Victoria with 9 points in neatness and out going like her father with 10 points in outgoing. In fact in this she surpasses New York on points. She enjoys the Entertainment hobby like both of her parents as well and her OTH (one true hobby) is film and lit although she hasn’t yet discovered it yet. As children they were too poor to own a TV (and no space to put one in) and quite honestly I just didn’t think about other ways such as reading books or writing on the computer. This will probably be something I have her discover once she’s in University.

Something else I did that is similar to her parents is that I changed both Minneapolis and Paul’s hair color to match her mother Victoria. All four children are born with the dominant brown hair which I kept throughout all of Minnie’s and Paul’s childhood. I changed both their hair colors because changing your hair is a self form of identity and I think they would want to experiment and stand out more from their other siblings. You can really see how closely Minneapolis resembles her mother this way and sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart.

Minneapolis’s husband is prearranged to Benjamin Long as most of the marriages in this legacy will be. Not always but I have a pretty good idea on whom I want to have marry whom. They have a good relationship right now to make it easier for when Minnie gets older to get married. I’m thinking of making Minnie a secondary aspiration of Family but I haven’t quite decided yet.

That’s all I have right now for Minneapolis City. Check back for further character development as it goes on up until Minnie’s death