Nature Mods

Animal Mods
1.) No Autonomous Birdwatching– This mod prevents sims from autonomously birdwatching by Insiminator
2.) No More Bees, Skunk or Poison Ivy– This mod prevents sims from being chased by bees & skunks after hiking.
3.) No Autonomous Bird Watching– This will stop sims from automatically bird watching when they enter a lot (or any other times sims autonomously bird watch). Sims can still bird watch if you click on them, but they won’t do it if left to their own devices. By The 9th Wave.

Bug Mods
1.) Bug Collection Fix– Fixes the EA bug that prevents sims from finishing the bug collection.
2.) No Bug Hunting Bees– There will be no more bee attacks during bug hunting, but to compensate for the reduced downtime sims are only 75% as likely to find specimens.
3.) No Butterflies or Fireflies– Prevents butterflies and fireflies from spawning. This mod doesn’t eliminate the associated wants.
4.) No Roaches– This mod will nix roaches from the game.
5.) No Autonomous Catching Insects– This mod prevents sims/pets from autonomously catching/chasing insects.

Gardening Plant Mods
1.) No need for gardening on community lots– This mod stops the need to garden at all community lots/shops.
2.) Trim Inaccessible Bushes– Allows sims to trim bushes even if they can’t reach them.
3.) Less Hydrobot Breakage– Hydrobots will break down FAR less often.
4.) No Care Flowers Patch– Makes all flowerbeds in the whole game purely decorative, and they don’t need watering, or create weeds. The downside is they stay at the same life stage forever and no butterflies visit.
5.) No Care Shrubs Patch– Makes all shrubs in the game purely decorative

General Plant Mods
1.) No Plant Want Spam– Stops sims from getting wants to buy outdoor plants, shrubs, and trees. These have got to be the stupidest wants in the game.
2.) Water “half tile” flowers fix & Water inaccessible flowers fix–  Allows Sims to water one-half tile flower beds, even if a diagonal fence or foundation runs through the tile.
3.) Maxis Plants Fixes– Maxis folks were a bit lazy with seasons, weren’t they? Instead of making all the plants seasonal (at least to a reasonable extent), they made flowers covered by snow. Not sure how they though it’s a good idea, but well, time to fix it.
4.) Flowers Smell Yummy– It replaces the animation where sims get down on their knees to smell flowers (who really does this in real life?) with the “smells yummy” animation. It also replaces “smell wilted flower” with “smells bad” animation.
5.) Maxis-match Gardentime Flooring– The pieces provided by Maxis were fine if you wanted to create a soil filled garden edged in grass but did not allow for a grass filled garden eadged in soil.
6.) No Autonomous Smell Flowers– This mod curbs the autonomous behavior of Sims stopping to smell the flowers constantly. Does not nuke the interaction to smell when directed to do so on the plants and flowers.
7.) Perfect Plants If (No) Gardening Tools-You know that garden shed tools deco thing that Maxis made? In “perfect plants if gardening tools” having one of those on the lot keeps your plants perfect, in “perfect plants if no gardening tools” the reverse is true and flowers/shrubs maintain perfect condition unless there are gardening tools on the lot.
8.) No Weeds– This mod will make it so weeds do not appear in sim’s gardens at all whether from rain or watering. Not compatible with TwoJeff’s mod at simbology which makes weeds not spread if caused by rain

Leaf Mods
1.) Rake many mod– It allows Sims to keep on switching to the next and next pile of leaves until they’re done, they’re in a bad mood, or you simply cancel the interaction
2.) Rake Faster– This hack reduces the raking to about 4 – 5 times, until all leafs are neatly pulled together.
3.) Fewer Leaves– Trees drop leaves only the first two days of fall. Well technically trees don’t drop leaves the last three days of fall, so take that into account if you have a mod that changes season length.
4.) No Autonomous Raking Leaves– This mod prevents sims from autonomously raking up leaves.
5.) Rake Faster– This mod reduces the time it takes sims to rake leaves. Similar to #2.