Negative Social Interaction Mods

1.) Arguing Social mods– More serious/non nice sims will enjoy arguments more.
2.) Teasing & Congrats Hacks– Depending on which versions you install, either completely stops or simply lessens either/both teasing and congratulations. Mix and match however you like, just install one for each interaction type.
3.) Bad Habits and Gross Behavior– The options listed below are available by clicking on the active sim and then selecting the menu option ‘Bad Habits’ from the resulting pie menu. The sim will then perform the behaviour the corresponds to the option selected. All options are available for children through elders.
4.) Apology Fury Fix– Apology will reduce furiousness, as it was originally supposed to.
5.) Argue Social Fix– Fixes reversed social values so mean sims enjoy arguments more than nice sims. Arguing always provides Social boost for instigating sim.
6.) Fewer Enemy Visits– Reduces the frequency of visits by furious sims. There are four packages in the zip file. Install only one package into Downloads.
7.) Furious Walkby Fix– Fixes several problems with furious sims visits. Sims who are furious with sims in a household can visit to kick over the trashcan or otherwise be petty and vindictive.
8.) Fury Initialization Fix– Prevents “furious” from ultimately improving relationships between sims. Replaces Hate Burglars mod.
9.) Soothing Apology– Apologies are three times as effective at reducing furiousness. Be sure to also get Apology Fury Fix or this mod won’t do anything.
10.) Desperation Interactions Enabled Inteenimater– This mod allows you to have sims throw a tantrum, panhandle for simoleons, talk to cup-stick buddy, toss love flour sack baby, romance sponge mop lover, Learn from Prof. von Ball, all cheesed out, & wear a lamp shade on their head.
11.) Desperation Interactions Enabled– Regular/Non Inteen Version.
12.) Lecture Sims Inteenimater Version– This mod adds a new pie menu to your sim that allows you to have them lecture other sims.
13.) Never Loose A Fight With A Weaker Sim– This mod makes it so your sim will always win a fight if the other sims body skill is lower than your sims, if both sims body skills are the same the one that starts the fight will always loose.
14.) Hug & Poke Unconditional Interaction Enabled– This mod enables the hidden interactions hug & poke unconditional.
15.) Immaturity Is Childish– Sims with @hexagonal-bipyramid​‘s childish trait can be viewed as childish regardless of age. Actions that Maxis appears to have enabled/made more attractive for immature sims include but are not limited to: stomp flowers, kick trash can, ruin painting, various fight/irritate socials, tantrum, primal scream, steal chocolate (from chocolate puddles made by the culinary career reward, toddler only), splash in puddle (toddler/child)
16.) More Nagging– The nag option was already available outside allmenus, but only for sims with a very bad mood (lower than -40 for sims with 6+ nice points, lower than -20 for the others) sims now need lower than 0 mood if nice and lower than 20 mood if not
17.) Social Disablers– This one contains three mods disabling one social interaction each: “tell dirty joke”, “tell secret”, and “gossip”.
18.) Less Gurning– The file is called no gurning but in fact it doesn’t stop all of it. Meant to reduce some of the stupid exaggerated facial expressions Sims do while talking. Clashes with “CASnoidleAnimations” by Squinge