New York City

Family Position: Bread Winner
Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime Want: Become a Criminal Mastermind/Top of the Criminal Track
Parents: None/Founder
Siblings: None
Spouse: Victoria City
#1 & 2 Twins: Minneapolis City & St Paul City
#3. Dallas City
#4. Paris City
Neat: 5 Active: 6 Nice: 2
Outgoing: 8 Playful: 4
Money:3 Environment:8
Entertainment:9 Culture:1
Health:9 Fashion:9
Paranormal:4 Travel:6
Weather:9 Animals:3
Toys:10 Sci-Fi:3
Turn Ons: Make up & Blondes
Turn Off: Full Face Makeup
Job: Criminal Career
Skills: Mechanical: 10 Body: Creativity: 9 Cleaning: 1
Hobby: Sports but has 10 Points in Tinkering
Friends: Abhjieet Deppisse, Joe Carr, Kennedy Cox, Benjamin Long, Komei Tellerman, Gooby GilsCarbo, Sandy Bruty
Affairs: Marisa Bendett

-Page is technically an on going progress and in development until the death of New York City-

My Personal Take On New York City:

New York has been such a different Sim to play than I expected. I immediately looked at his personality and thought, oh boy this Sim is going to struggle making friends and possibly to struggle getting along with his wife and I’ve never been so glad to be disappointed by a first analysis. When I looked at his interest in work I thought we’d really struggle to bring in money because of his lack of enthusiasm in having a job/going to work at being 1. Instead we were greeted with promotion after promotion, he was really hustling and wanting to work on his skill points to advance further.

In the very first chapter, New York rolled a want to either join the Law career or the Criminal career, both on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Literally the only reason why I chose the Criminal career was because it was the one of two jobs he wanted to go into. When you start the Homemaker Challenge money is very tight and it’s usually best to just take any kind of job to bring in cash so I wasn’t looking at his personality points of what he was most interested in at the time. Now that I’ve taken more time to reevaluate his interest and career, it is something I am glad I chose for him since New York does have 6 points of interest in crime. It’s not as high of an interest as some of his others, say the Entertainment, Toys, Fashion, Health or even the Environment all ranking between 10 and 8 points, some of which careers would bring in more money, but since it was something New York wanted, I wanted to see where that story line went, especially since he only has two points in niceness.

To me New York is pretty spot on with a stereotypical representation of a local New Yorker in the media. He values money above all else and I can just see him walking down the street yelling in a really bad stereotype accent: “Yo’ I’m walkin here!” I feel like he has a no bull shit attitude which is definitely not for everyone. Somone who is very candid and just says how he feels in the moment. We can see by how easily he’s made friends from Abhijeet, who was his first friend, to Joe Carr, Kennedy Cox and Komei Tellerman who all share similar personalities.

I absolutely adore how loving he is to his wife, Victoria, to the point where it’s almost as if he puts her on this pedestal and can do no wrong. They have a wonderful relationship although as time has gone on they do seem to spend less and less time together in other interests. I like to think that New York wanted so many promotions and advancements in the beginning simply to provide for his family but the closer he flew to the sun and then was almost fired from a bad chance card, it’s become a personal vendetta to bet back to the top. At some point midway through the first generation challenge so far, New York rolled a want to gain a robotics talent badge, even though he only has 4 points of interest in the paranormal. This was a route that I did want to explore for the story for personal reasons but was happy that he came to want this on his own. It is a story line that will be played out in the future generations.

Speaking of future generations, New York has only a relationship with his two older children, Minneapolis and St Paul. He has absolutely little to no current relationship with his two younger children Dallas and Pairs but to be fair, Dallas only did recently age up into a child and Paris into a toddler so we can see now that they are older what connection they will develop with their father. New York does have an on going affair with Marisa Bendett but he’s never rolled wants for her or ever made any sort of first advance moves towards her. I see this as, he is happily satisfied with his wife and isn’t looking for an extra marital affair but, since an opportunity did present itself, he didn’t exactly say no to it either. He hasn’t slept with Marisa or gone any further than kissing with Marisa which is where I am hoping it stops. I think his family is very important to him and that is something he majorly considers before whipping his pixelated dick out and woohooing other Sims. He finds Marisa equally as hot as his wife but not enough to want to pursue the affair further which is something I do commend New York for. At the moment New York does not have any secondary aspirations but I am open to listening to suggestions.

That’s all I have right now for New York City. Check back for further character development as it goes on up until New York’s death