Pet Mods

Adoption & Selling Pets
1.) Stray’s Always Accept Adoption– This mod prevents strays from refusing to be adopted.
2.) Pet Adoption Service Enabled For Kids– This mod allows kids to adopt pets from the pet adoption service.
3.) Give Pet Up For Adoption Enabled For Kids– This mod allows kids to give up pets for adoption via the adoption service.
4.) Pets Cost Less– This mod reduces the cost of pets from the adoption service by %50.
5.) No Sell Pet Want– This mod prevents sims from getting the sell a pet want.
6.) Sell Pets Easy– This mod makes the outcome of selling pets to other sims always accepted.
7.) More Pets Allowed In Family– Have up to 12 pets in your family household.
8.) No Pet Runaways-Pets never run away on their own.
9.) More Pets Allowed In Family– This mod allows you to have more pets; The default is changed from 6 to 9

Aging Mods
1.) Pet Years– Sometimes you don’t like the length of age span of Pets. This one shortens them.
2.) Dog and cat pet age duration– This hack decreases the lifespan of pets for their adult and elder life stages. Without a hack, pets can live up to 41 years which is very unrealistic compared to real life where most pets are lucky to reach even 15-20. The human ages in the game are more realistic, being 60-70 on average. So the hack is decreasing (by default) the pet ages for the sake of realism and to make the game more enjoyable (not having a house full of pets that seem to live forever).

Aspiration and Wants
1.) No Pet Obsession– Lowers the fun advertising of interactions between Sims toward Pets (not the other way around). Sims will now get wants related to pets only if they are in their family or if they are friends with the critter, and wants are also dependent on a sims interest in animals.
2.) No Pets Lifetime Wants– This mod makes the lifetime wants raise 20 puppies or kittens, have 20 simultaneous pet best friends, and have 6 pets reach the top career level impossible to roll. If a Sim already has one of those lifetime wants assigned, it won’t change until you fulfill it, change the aspiration or reroll the lifetime want using a hack.
3.) No Adopt A Pet Want– This mod prevents sims from getting the adopt a pet want.
4.) No Pet Wants Collection Alternate Version– This mod prevents sims from getting all of the pet wants listed below. Play with pet(only prevents adults & older)
Give love to pet(only prevents adults & older) Feed pet treat(only prevents adults & older) Rub belly(only prevents adults & older) Stroke pet Pet gets job Teach bird to talk All of the teach pet wants.

Bad Behavior
1.) No Autonomous Chewing or Scratching-This mod prevents pets from autonomously chewing & scratching sofa’s, chairs, beds, trash cans, & doll house’s.
2.) No Howling at TV’s & Stereo’s– This mod prevents pets from autonomously howling/barking at TV’s & stereos.
3.) Pets Leave The Flowers Alone– This mod prevents pets from autonomously eating & rolling in flowers.
4.) No Autonomous Howling At Karaoke Singer– This mod prevents pets from autonomously howling at sims when they are singing with the karaoke machine.
5.) No Pet Destruction– Pets will no longer destroy your furniture from scratching it.
6.) Simsky’s “No Pets Flower Beds” mods (pets will not destroy your flowers)– What it says.

Bathing & Hygiene Mods
1.) Dog Bathtub Only– Now no sharing a bathtub with the dog!
2.) Pets Beds Stay Clean– This mod prevents pets beds from getting dirty, this is a global mod so it should work with all dog houses, etc.
3.) Always Fresh Litter Box– This mod keeps the cat litter box clean.
4.) No Autonomous Munch Out– This mod prevents pets from autonomously eating from the litter box, it also enables you to make them eat from the litter box.
5.) Use bush enabled– This is a global mod that overrides the pie menu on shrubs, enabling the use-interaction for adult/elder dogs and cats. The interaction is autonomous, so you may see cats and dog seeking out a bush to pee on from now on. And of course, if you use boolprop controlpets on to control your pets, you will be able to direct them to use a bush by clicking on a shrub. The interaction is available regardless of bladder motive level, and regardless of if the pet is trained or not, so you should have it available all the time. Hooray for finally being able to tell our dogs when to pee, without having to train them first! We could already direct cats with the help of litter boxes, but could be useful if one for some reason does not want a litter box.
6.) No Autonomous Rolling In Or Licking Up Puddles– This mod prevents pets from autonomously rolling in & licking up puddles.
7.) Pets Leave The Trash Alone– This mod prevents pets from autonomously eating, digging, & rolling in trash.

Caged Pets
1.) Caged Pet Fixes– Fixed random bird death bug and other annoyances and bugs related to the birds and womrats. See readme for full details.
2.) Womrat Mod– This mod makes it so that sims have a small chance of contracting a mysterious disease when they get bit by a womrat. Servos and townies (except apartment roommates) are obviously immune to disease. Womrats are more likely to bite if their cage is not clean and when they are hungry.
3.) Close Bird Cage When Done– Fixes a bug that prevents a sim from closing the bird cage, When the sim is interacting with the bird and the interaction is canceled. With this mod installed Sims will always close the cage door, When the interaction is canceled.

Cat Mods
1.) Cats Hunt Roaches– This mod will allow your cats to hunt those pesky roaches that hang around causing disease and frustration among your sims. The action is autonomous and appeals to the cat’s fun motive. It raises fun and lowers hygiene (for playing with filthy roaches).
2.) Christmas Ornament Toys for Cats– The first toy is cloned from the catnip mouse, but shouldn’t overwrite it. Cats can play with it like with the mouse and it has a destroyed state like the mouse.
3.) Cat litter box cleanable by pregnant Sims– Allows cat litter boxes to be cleaned by all Sims, even if they are pregnant.
4.) Yowling Cat Fix– Fixes bug where scolding cats for yowling made them MORE likely to yowl.
5.) No Auto Finger Wiggle– Sims no longer will do the finger-wiggle game which inevitably ends in them getting hurt. Cats won’t ask for it either. Sadistic players can still direct a sim to do it.

Community Lot & Travel Mods
1.) Pet Hiking Motive Changes– This is a global mod that changes how hiking affects a pets motive, if brought along. It comes in two versions, only use one.
2.) Allow puppy kitten toddler riders– Permits a puppy or kitten to ride in a vehicle, to walk with you to a community lot, and to travel back home with you. Also has the same effects for toddlers.
3.) Allow strays on community lots– This hack re-enables stray pets to be allowed to visit all community lots, just like it was in the original unpatched Pets Expansion.
4.) Pet’s Don’t Visit Shops– This mod prevents pets from visiting all shops & community lots (While the shop is open).

Food Mods
1.) Pet food required– This is a global mod that overwrites the refill bowl code and makes it pull it’s food from a food box object rather than the box Sims pull out of thin air. The animation is unchanged, Sims will still appear to pull a box out of thin air and fill the box from it. But in reality they went and filled that box with food from the real food box, when you weren’t looking. Those sneaky Sims! So with this mod your pets get to eat the finest food in all the land, guaranteed butt-free! And your Sims actually have to buy food in order to take care of their pets, no more conjuring it out from nowhere.
2.) Bottomless Food Dish– This mod keeps your pets food dish full, it also keeps the food dish clean.
3.) Bottomless Bird and Wormrat (guinea pig) Food– This mod keeps the birds & wormrat (guinea pig) food full.
4.) Feeding Pet a Treat is Never a Negative Social– Pets always get positive points for feeding treats. If the pet rejects the sim, there will still be rejection animations, but the social will raise, not as much as an approval, but it will raise instead of decrease.

Home Mods
1.) Want Pet Only Doors?– here is a mod that changes the way the locks on doors work just very slightly.

Job Mods
1.) Find Pet Job For Fix -Whenever a sim successfully finds a pet job for a pet via the newspaper or computer, the game makes the sim quit their OFB employee job, and resets the number of times the sim has been late to work. This happens because the pet code and sim code are all run together when a sim finds a job for themselves or for a pet.
2.) No Pet Unlock Code Spam– Stops the annoying long delay in game when pets are promoted upon return from work as the game generates a code. Also inlcudes a package that will unlock all the hidden crap. The Bon Voyage version also fixes a bug in the BV code that could cause problems upon sim or pet promotion.

Multi-Functioning Mods
1.) No Autonomous Pet Collection– This mod prevents pets from autonomously doing all the interactions listed: Cuddle Toddler,Lick Toddler,Play Fetch,Play Razzle, Toss In Air,Rub Belly, Finger Wiggle,Stroke,Nuzzle,Cat Teaser, & Give Treat.
2.) Pet modifications– A huge number of fixes and changes are included with this hack:

  • Allows owned pets to visit all lots without their owners
  • Allows Puppies & Kittens to show up as visitors on all lots
  • Allows Sims to adopt stray Puppies & Kittens
  • Enables randomization of the age (life stage) of newly created stray pets
  • Allows pets from the “adoption pool” to visit lots (disabled by default)
  • Allows pets in “shop display cases” to visit lots (disabled by default)
  • Allows increase or decrease of the maximum number of stray pets created
  • By default, increases the maximum number of stray pets to 20 dogs and 15 cats
  • Speeds up selection of home walkbys on the order of thousands of times faster!
  • Alters Walkby behavior to no longer favor unknown Sims (now it is random)
  • Allows Young Adult Sims as walkbys on non-college residential lots
  • Allows all Sims, instead of just Young Adults and College Professors, as walkbys on college residential lots (disabled by default)
  • Allows Pets, Wolves, & Skunks as walkbys on all college lots
  • Allows Downtownies as walkbys on non-Downtown residential lots
  • Allows Pets as walkbys on college Secret Society lots (disabled by default)
  • Allows Pets, Wolves, & Skunks as walkbys on Vacation House (residential) lots
  • Prevents the following interactions from aborting when used with visiting (non-controllable) Puppies & Kittens on all lots:Bond, Adopt, Play With, Greet, Chase Off, Nuzzle
  • Allows Puppies & Kittens to travel to and from Community Lots with your Sims (but requires a separate hack: df_allow_puppy_kitten_toddler_riders.package)

Names and Appearance
1.) More standard Pet names– There are over a thousand names for both male and female Pets, hopefully this will avoid some of the repetition of names.
2.) Puppies, Kittens, and Spectral Cats Can Use Mirror-. None of the preset coat patterns are available for puppies/kittens and I’m guessing none of the accessories out there are puppy/kitten enabled either (yet), but coat colors work fine

Pregnancy Mods
1.) Pet Pregnancy Fix– Pet pregnancies will no longer result in runaway creation of pregnancy controllers on the lot that quickly make the lot unplayable. Should you already have this problem and have thousands of controllers on a lot there is a debug option on the Sim Blender to delete them.
2.) Larger Litters-This mod makes it so litters are 5-8 puppies/kittens instead of 1-4 (although you can still get small 1-4 litters if your family is too full – there are various mods and cheats out there to help you change the family size limit).
3.) Random Runaway Pet Pregnancy– This mod makes it possible runaway pets will return pregnant. The father will be a random stray, and the probability is ~15% (assuming the stray is female, not currently pregnant, and you have a decent number of male strays of the correct species in the stray pool).
4.) Pregnancy controller fix– This fix removes unused and excess Pregnancy Controllers from your lot. All they do is bloat your saved game files and slightly slow down your game.
5.) Pets Try For Offspring/Runaway– Cats/dogs can now “Try For Puppy/Kitten” without human sim intervention.
6.) Stop Watching Pets Woohoo– This mod prevents sims from watching pets woohoo.

Sleeping Mods
1.) Reserveable Pet Beds– Sometimes Fluffy doesn’t want to share her bed.
2.) Pets and Children share Bed– This is a mod that allows Pets and Children to use the bed at the same time. Pets can sleep or relax at the foot of the bed whilst the child sleeps or relaxes at the head of the bed.
3.) Higher Motives for Toddlers in Pet Beds and Cats Eating Fish– Your sims can catch a fish that will feed 6 people, but the same fish will never fill a cat up more than halfway (even when the fish looks bigger than the cat). The first mod changes that so a fish will fill the cat’s hunger metre all the way up. Even if you’ve bought your pet the highest quality pet bed stuffed full of cushions, when a toddler sleeps there it gives them really crappy energy gain. This mod increases the energy gain and reduces the time to between 5 and 6 hours.
4.) Invisible One Tile Pet Bed for use with Maxis Pet Beds– Allow more than one pet on the same pet bed.
5.) *Custom Tailored* Pet Pillows and Basket– It comes in several versions, that will perfectly fit your pet size; Small Pillow for puppies and kittens only; Medium Pillow and Medium Basket for cats, small dogs, kittens and puppies; Large Pillow for large dogs only.

Social Mods
1.) No Pet Challenge– Pets no longer challenge each other over the food bowl.
2.) No Pet Greeting– Prevents pets from borking their command queues to go bark at the mailman.
3.) No Autonomous Play Fetch– The mod nukes the autonomous behavior of Sims and dogs playing fetch. It does not nuke the “Play Fetch” interaction if you click on the pet to play fetch.
4.) Always Accept Pet– This mod prevents sims from refusing to accept your sims pet when you use the give pet to social interaction.
5.) Walk Dog Always Accepted– This mod prevents dogs from refusing to be taken for a walk.
6.) Pets Fight Any Pet Any Time– This mod allows pets to fight any pet any time even if they are friends.
7.) Pets Fun Gain While Fighting– This mod allows pets to gain fun while fighting.
8.) Bark/Growl/Hiss At Burglars– Allows you to direct pets to bark/growl/hiss at burglars (you could already do this with normal sims). This of course requires the controlpets cheat to be on to be particularly useful. The burglar code doesn’t really leave room for getting chased away though, sorry!

“Wild” Non Domesticated Animals
1.) Snowy Penguin Fix– With this mod, a penguin being outside isn’t covered with snow like an object. It’s also a bit darker.
2.) Pets Away Sign– Sometimes your Sim might not like animals. This checks the lot and safely removes animals.
3.) No Wolves– Prevents wolves, including the Leader of the Pack, from appearing on properties at all.
4.) Stray’s Stop Visiting Home Lots– This mod prevents stray pets & skunks from visiting home lots.
5.) No Autonmous Digging For Visiting Pets– Prevents visiting pets from autonomously digging holes on any livable lot, Pets living on the lot will still have to be taught not to dig. Any pets on community lots will now not be allowed to dig.

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