Serving Meals Mods

1.) Serve meal fix– It prevents servo robots and plantSims from grabbing a plate after serving a meal, because both of those types of Sims lack a hunger motive. It forces Sims to take off Aspiration Rewards before eating, since leaving them on just wastes the rewards’ abilities.
2.) Variable Meal Servings– Place the object on the lot. Menu allows you to set default meal serving size on that lot to 2 through 10 servings as well as 12, 16 or 20.
3.) Dinner for 8 (extra servings for all meals)– A little outdated with Variable Meal Servings but for whatever reason you might want this one instead. Does not work on custom food.
4.) Have Dessert (Single) with Make/Make Many Option for Bakeries– No more making the full pie, clicking cancel so they don’t serve it, no more telling them to get the 6 plates out of the pie then manually transferring it to their Inventory. Nope! Now you just do Make Many … Berry Pie (or whatever) & your sims will procede to make single servings of Berry Pie until you tell them to stop & they all go into their inventory automatically.
5.) Call To Meal Fix-Call to Meal no longer calls servos, plantsims, babies, toddlers or on-the-job NPCs. People will respond to plates anywhere on the property, not just in the same room as the platter.
6.) More Dishes– Sims pick up more dishes when clearing the table. EA logic – A serving consists of 7 dishes (6 plates plus the platter) so let’s limit the number of dishes when cleaning up to 5.
7.) Smarter Food Serving– Sims will be more logical when deciding how many servings to lay out on the table. Served meals still have the normal 6 servings, but individual plates will not be put out for:

  • sims at work or otherwise off the property
  • the penguin
  • NPCs on the job
  • sleeping sims
  • servos and other robots
  • plantsims
  • ungreeted guests
  • babies
  • toddlers not in high chairs
  • ghosts

8.) Servo & Plantsim Serve Meal Fix– This mod prevents plantsim’s & servo’s from grabbing a plate after they serve a meal.
9.) More Servings From Group Meals– This mod changes the default group meal serving count from 6 to 12 & 100.
10.) Smarter Food Serving– To make your sims serve only intelligent meals, this hack changes how “serve” works. It basically forces the sim to produce single/group meals when appropriate.
11.) Eating and Serving ControlThis is to control, on a room by room basis, where your Sims eat at various times of the day, and whether they can use the tables and/or counters in a room to serve meals onto, and to put things down on.  To control counters you need the counter patch and the controller; to control tables you need the table patch and the controller; to control both, you need all three.  In rooms and lots where you do not have this controller, your counters and tables will behave normally.
12.) Food Replicator Butler – Enabled For All Sims– An object to look like a butler where you can request food from.