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Brandi’s Dream(s) A Six part series & CC Haul featuring CC Creator BBKZ from The Sims Resource

Have you ever wanted to be whisked away from your life into a more glamorous one? Brandi Broke sure has. Upon the discovery of being pregnant with her third child, single, broke and unemployed Brandi can’t help but dream of a new life. Catch is, did it also include the entire town of Pleasantview as also part of her dream?

  1. Part One

The idea behind these stories is to help provide links to maternity wear specific custom content in a fun new way that’s never been done before. My goal is to feature multiple creators who dedicate to making sure their CC comes in all morphs. The following are ideas I have with other townies in Pleasantview.

  • Don Lothario & Darren Dreamer male maternity series
  • Angela & Lilltih Pleasant teenage maternity

And of course each woman in Pleasantview, The Caliente Sisters Dina & Nina, Cassandra Goth, Mary-Sue Pleasant and Jennifer Burb will each be featuring a separate CC Creator & story line.